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Raw Attack

Last updated on by Luke Preston

Spizoo has released a new site where there are no scripts. The girls get interviewed as they prepare, they strip down and then meet the hung stud who is going to use them at his will in unscripted movies. These are long affairs, they are also HD, come with streams and downloads, plus images and screencaps. As it's a new site, it's not very big, but it promises excellent porn to come.


Unscripted, HD hardcore, with sexy girls off the leash

Monthly Price $29.95
3 Month Price $69.95 $23.32 a month
Yearly Price$119.889.99 a month
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ReviewerThere are several sites out there with the word 'attack' attached to them, but Raw Attack is the first that gives us unscripted movies, a mix of POV filming, great looking amateurs and porn newbies, hot girls, and no-nonsense hardcore just as we like to see it. Spizoo, the production company, has a good reputation in porn and is known for its high-quality gonzo and natural reality. Here, there are no guidelines or scripts, simply two models together and a camera to film what they do 'off the book', as they say in the theatre. It works well, and the other raw element comes from the bareback and the fact that there are no condoms in sight.

Now then, you need to be aware that Raw Attack is a new site and had only been up a few weeks when we saw it. They've started off with ten videos, all exclusive and HD, and they should be adding more. I didn't see upload dates, so I can't be specific about when new content will be added, but knowing Spizoo, it will be regularly, and probably every week. Each scene comes with streams, downloads, screencaps and galleries.

The movies run for around 35 + minutes, and some were nearer 50 minutes. These include chats with the girls as they prepare in the bathroom and chats afterwards as they clean up. In between, things get very dirty. There are videos where the male model is holding the camera, and so you get POV scenes. There are others with a roving camera in the room, and so you get more standard 'fourth wall' videos. Both work well and you rarely, if ever, see any more of the guy than his dick and middle, so the action concentrates on the hot babes. There are ten of them so far listed in the model index with great descriptions and stats plus links to videos, so that's a handy way to navigate and find who you want to see.

Movies are shown with the same Mp4 streams as downloads, including 1080p HD. The tour did mention 4K, but I've not seen any of those as yet. Mind you, the 720p, and 480p files were fine at full screen and faster to download, and there are also two smaller resolution files for mobiles at 360p and 272p. Again, all Mp4, but there's a WMV at 480p as well if you'd rather have that one. Moves are exceptional quality and well put together, very natural and look and sound great. I had no worries there.

They also come with screencaps if you want to see what you're going to get, and also digital galleries with around 200 pics each. These open online and are easy to browse at a decent size, with slideshows for that hands-free experience, and there is a choice of zip like downloads, with four sizes, up to 2,200 px. Again, the quality is outstanding, and everything looks good.

Navigation is easy, as the top menu really only holds links to the videos and models, but you can create a Favourites folder there as well, and there are some interactive options for you, mainly the comments facility so you can have your say. There are no bonuses, and there is a cross sale on the join page but those things, and the newness of the site (thus, small content count) are about the only issues. It's going to get bigger, but it's hard to see how it can get better.

Quality is not an issue here. The videos are natural and sometimes POV but also well made and HD, up to 1080p. The models are a nice mix of porn babes and/or amateurs who are getting into porn, and the guys all seem to know what they are doing. Images are large and clear with a choice of download sizes, and the site is well designed.

As Raw Attack was so new, I only found 10 videos, and there was no news on updates in the members' area, but I'm assuming they will be coming in. This is all Spizoo exclusive content, and you're only going to find it here. You have movies of 40 + minutes, galleries with 200 or so pics, screencaps and a model index with 10 sizzling babes.

I loved the unscripted and natural nature of the videos and the porn star chats before things got started. The POV really puts you in the picture, and the scenes run for a great length of time. The sound and visuals are clear, and there are excellent viewing choices, plus great quality images. It's also very easy to use, and interactive.

Obviously the site is small and only held ten videos, but that's because it is so new. There is a cross sale on the join page to watch out for, and there are no extras or bonuses.

The monthly price reflects the fact that the content is exclusive and well made, and might be a bit high for a new site, but stick with it as it's building. There are no bonuses, and there's a cross sale on sign-up, but you have three pricing options, and the longer you sign for, the more you save.

Give it time, about a month should do, and Raw Attack will be (I hope) beginning to fill up with more of these original, non-scripted, hardcore, POV and HD movies. Quality is high, images are large, girls are hot, guys are hung, movies are a good length, and the site is easy to use. It's got everything going for it, it just needs time to grow.

200 Pics In Set

Hi-Res Pictures

Screen Captures

Zip Files



Average length of 40 Mins

2600KbpsWMV 854 x 480
8000KbpsMP4 1920 x 1080
5000KbpsMP4 1280 x 720
2600KbpsMP4 854 x 480
1026KbpsMP4 480 x 272