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Ultra Films

Last updated on by Luke Preston
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Here's a treat for you. Ultra Films offers you 4K HD movies that are, in a word, perfect. They employ gorgeous models of both sexes, hardcore and sensuous lesbian scenes, great filming, and come with good stream/download options and photos. There are other viewing choices too, so no-one misses out and updates are regular. It's probably one of the few sites I've seen that lives up to the expectations shown on the tour.


4K HD European hardcore movies that are perfect!

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ReviewerIt's hard to not over-rave about Ultra Films. I'd not seen the site before today, but when I was able to get inside and see what was on offer, I was more than happy with what I found. The tour is good enough, with trailers and some good examples of the high-quality content you find inside, and so it can be relied on to give an honest overview of what you get in return for the well-priced membership.

And what is it you find? Well, when I was there, I came across 287 movies that ran for around half an hour each. Okay, lots of sites have scenes with that kind of runtime, and many sites have more content, but the filming and the girls (and guys, I have to say) and the way you can view them is second to none. The site holds a nice mix of content as well, with classic hardcore duos, some lesbian action, threesomes and some amazing group scenes. I'm still recovering from the 'guy in the park with six babes' scene (my title). Here, you have the ultimate outdoor fantasy played out as one very well-hung stud, young and slim and with about nine inches, finds himself the centre of attention with the girls dealing with his dick in turns. Sometimes it takes two of them to hold it. But it's not all big-dick content, and the emphasis is on the girls all of whom are drippingly beautiful.

The content is arranged in a few areas and easy to find. There are 83 Films, and these also appear in the 287 updates along with the 83 galleries. I wasn't sure if the content was all exclusive. Still, it was all new to me, and that's good enough. The high-class movies are updated every few days, and so numbers are growing steadily, and they come with good viewing options.

You can download full scenes in 4K HD at a couple of high-res sizes, and there are also 1080p, 720p and 540p files to take, all in Mp4 to suit all devices. The streams are also HD at 1080p tops, and easy to run. The lower res version was fine for me and streamed smoothly. The thing is, you have each video also set out in clips, and you can double-click to stream only that clip, or highlight one or more clips from anywhere in the scene to take a version of the movie that you want. Select you one sex, kind of thing. It's a neat addition to an already good viewing page. The only thing missing was a description of the scenes - and the models actually.

There are also the images, and these are good and clear an sharp. There are around 100 per set, and they can be viewed online and taken that way at 1,000 x 527 ps. Or, if you want to take the whole lot, you have three sizes of images in three different zip files at 4K, 2K and 1K px - another handy tool for grabbing your content.

Members can rate the scenes and add them to a favourites area, and also leave comments. There are no bonuses, but there are three short stories illustrated with totally original drawings; another unusual and welcome touch. I had no navigation issues, there are category lists, search and sort options, and 81 models in the index to check out. There were no technical issues either. The only thing to be aware of is that your 4K downloads are found at the bottom of the viewing pages rather than with the other 1080p HD downloads - so make sure you don't miss them.

The quality levels here are outstanding: perfect babes, hung guys, dreamy filming, very 'cinema' with some subtitled movies and the only slight downer was hearing what the girls were saying, sometimes. The site looks good and is user friends. The images are big and clear, and this is all top-quality content.

There were 287 updates including 83 Films (scenes). These scenes are 30 minutes and come with excellent viewing options. There are 198 galleries with approx. 100 pics each and zip files in three sizes, 81 models, three short stories and updates are every few days.

You're not being asked to pay a lot, and in return, you have very high-quality movies. Not only are they 4K HD, but they are brilliantly shot, atmospheric and dreamlike on occasions. There is the classic hardcore and also some very sexy and original scenarios. It's a very high-class site, and the prices are good for what you get so excellent value.

It took me a while to locate the 4K downloads as they are at the end of pages and the other downloads are at the top. I'd have liked more scene and model info/descriptions, and a few extras.

The asking price for the recurring monthly deal through our exclusive discount comes it at the low-cost $19.95 per month and is great value with updates are two or three times per week. The six-month option works out at $16.65 per month, paid in one go, and is even better value. There are no bonuses apart from the three short stories which are unique.

Yup, Ultra Films gives you an ultra-high-quality viewing experience and not only because they are in 4K HD. The girls are perfect, the guys too, the filming and the style and even the site is easy to use and looks good. It's European (Russian) porn at its best and shows no signs of slowing down. Stay with it for more amazing hardcore porn.

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