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18 X Girls

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18 X Girls refers to the fact that the greater majority of the chicks in this hardcore site are just barely 18 or slightly above. That means you'll see that fine soft skin that young teens have, as well as those perky breasts. The site is also technologically very advanced, as all their videos are in Hi Def, and all of their pictures are Hi Res.


18 year old babes in a great variety of hardcore action.

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3 Month Price $49.95 $16.65 a month
6 Month Price$74.95 $12.49 a month
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Reviewer18 X Girls is one hell of a gorgeous site and it features truly young stunning teens who are barely over 18 or so. That means that you will see burgeoning breasts, and the pinkest of pussies possible, and in fact they even have rosy little assholes! Now, that does not mean that this is their first time ever for sex, in fact you will note that they are quite explicit in what types of sex they portray.
For your edification, you will see not only a lot of self-play with dildos, fingers, and assorted bottles and such, but you will also see them play with boyfriends as well. What's interesting is that all the girls are from Europe, thus have delicate features and wide eyes, but even the guys are damn good looking, albeit with a very young appearance, so if you are bisexual, you'll have a tremendous lot to look at!
You'll note above that it says that this is a hardcore site, and boy is it ever. You'll see those gorgeous young things getting fucked not only in their pussies, but some even take it up the ass. There's even more to report, for many of them also connect on the lesbian side too. Thus you'll even see three-ways here occasionally. Of course there are blow jobs here as well, and also some fantastically filmed pussy licking by both males and females.
The longer we as a review team watched, the more we were heard to say, "Damn, but they are soooooo young looking!" That will give you an idea of what the site is going to show you.
There is a ton of material to watch here, which makes sense since they first came online in the middle of 2010, and they have sent over approximately one video and one image gallery per day since then. Yes, they do updates on a daily basis. So, at the moment you will go to the site and be overwhelmed by an existing 854 videos, along with 854 image galleries. How's that for being a large porn site?
Technically they are also at the top of their game too, for you can view those 854 videos in Hi Density via their in browser Streaming. Most of the videos will show those in 920x516. Downloads can be achieved using WMV format, with bit rates of 5,000k+ with results in 1920x1080 or in the MP4 format, with bit rates of 1600k, with results coming in at 640x360. These are all full scenes, and they do have different settings for multi-bandwidth.
As for their image galleries, they are superior with all pictures shown in Hi Res. of course. Each of the galleries averages approximately 155 pictures. They are Zipped, naturally, and they are often quite large, such as 5600X3700 and what we all love is that you can view these as a slideshow.
The site lets you click on any model and see what other videos and pictures she has on the site, which is quite nice. We utilized their search function and found it kind of lacking though. Now the good news is that there is a bonus site being given to you if you register for 18 X Girls, and that is called "Share Adult" and it is basically an adult community where people send off their videos as well as pictures. We found it rather entertaining. Then too, you get yet another bonus too, and that is you will receive an additional 3550 bonus videos to watch, and that was definitely cool. As for negatives, there is one outstanding one, and that is that none of their videos or pictures are exclusive, and that's too bad, but none of us recognized any specific videos or pictures we'd seen before, so maybe you'll have the same kind of luck we did.

All quality here is very high with the best quality videos, and also Hi Res. image galleries, so that's a definite. The girls are also very high quality as they are all European lovelies, and all very tender aged.

There is no way to say that content suffers, certainly not with 854 image galleries and 854 videos, plus 3550 bonus videos available for you to see also. You will find a great variety of hardcore here covering lots of different nasty porn niches.

This site has so much going for it, such as High Def videos, Hi Res. images, incredibly young nubile 18 year old girls, and even great looking young guys. A bonus site and bonus videos are also included.

One large con and that is that none of the videos or their pictures are exclusive only to this site. Also you will find a pre-checked cross sale on the join page, which you should un-check before joining unless you want to become a member of the other sites offered.

You have a few options for membership, and will find that the longer ones will save you money. They include single month, which will cost you $24.95, 3 month which works out at $16.65 a month, and a 6 month membership brings the monthly cost down to $12.50 a month. You also get some great bonus content with your membership here.

If you love your girls to be fresh 18 year olds, you are definitely in need of this site. Technically, it is also an ideal site with great quality videos, and Hi Res. images throughout. The girls are all amazing European nubile lovelies here, and you get a load of bonus content at no extra cost.

140 Pics In Set

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Average length of 25 Mins

5955KbpsWMV 1920x1080
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0KbpsFLV 920x516
1500KbpsMP4 640x360