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Bad Daddy POV

Last updated on by Luke Preston
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James Deen has come up with a new reality site; one that's all about cute young girls and their (pretend) step-dads, who they call daddy during sex. That's one side of this new and horny site, the other is that the action is shot from your point of view, so you are the dad in each movie. It's small but growing, it's filmed in HD with mobile files there too, it's easy to use and all original with some very youthful, cute, 18+ babes.


New, exclusive, step-sex from your point of view

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ReviewerStep-daughter fantasy sex is nothing new in the world of porn, but this site is. It comes from the studios of one of the industry's top porn names, James Deen, and it looks good. The tour makes it perfectly clear what's going on: Bad Daddy POV presents you with some very real step-dad, step-daughter hardcore action, but these are non-related models. However, because it is also filmed from your point of view, you get the extra thrill to add on to the taboo side of what's going on. It feels like you are the guy in the shoot or one of them as there are some threesomes here. Even if you're not into the step-sex thing, you will be into the younger-older thing that's played out and totally or the cute and youthful babes who play the parts of the hit upon step-girls.

Checking in, I found that the site was small. I mean, we're only talking 13 movies as I write this. But, on the other hand, I also knew that the site was new, so it was going to be small - this is one of its first reviews. There are update dates shown, so it was easy to see that it's already started building up its stock of exclusive videos, and new content is being added each week at least. I was also impressed with how it was set out. Everything was easy to find, there were no technical issues, and I got exactly what was promised to me on the tour.

The videos are filmed from your point of view (POV), as promised, and if you turn down the lights and go full screen, it's easy to imagine you're the 'dad' in each scene. Nice. Then, I was impressed with the overall filming. It's not easy to make things so believable and natural with a camera stuck to your head, but these guys manage it. The reality is made even sharper by the HD filming, and the top resolution of movies was at 1080p. There are also 720p and 540p which should also work fine on your mobile devices as they were Mp4 files. Movies ran for around 15 minutes too, and I could jump through the streams if I wanted to miss the build-up; which I didn't, by the way. The whole scene needs to be seen to get the full benefit.

I was a bit disappointed that there were no galleries and I like to collect images of the models I fall for, and digital galleries usually give you posed shots. Here you simply have around 100 screen caps per video, and you can use them as a guide to the action. You can also take them one at a time, or run slideshows.

There's no info with the scenes, no lengthy written introductions, though there are a couple of sentences. And there's no info about the girls in the model index, where I found 12 hot chicks with big face pics leading to a page showing their video links. Some more, stats, background and write-ups would be good to see, as would some digital galleries and extras.

There are no bonuses, but there are some interactive options for members. You can rate, leave comments and add things to a favourites area, but that's it for extras. Hold onto your hats, though, as I can see that Bad Daddy POV is going to grow into a good site and, if you get in there now, you will be one of the first members to rate and comments and share the step-sex joy.

With POV sites, you can find the that quality loses out, but that's not the case here. It's well filmed and realistic content that is shot with HD cams, so the top resolution is at 1,920 x 1,080 HD. The sound is good, and the models are spot on. The pages are clear and simple to use (some adverts) and the screen caps are a decent size too.

The content is all exclusive and well put together. There were 13 scenes with at least one new one being added each week, and they all lived out the promises of the tour in terms of the step-sex believability. Digital images are not available, but screen caps are. There were 12 girls featured in the model index.

You are looking at a new site here and an exclusive one and also one that plays out the taboo world of step-sex very well. It's all POV, and so you really feel like you're involved. Members can rate and comment and leave your mark. Updates look to be good, quality is certainly very good, and the models are youthful.

On the downside, the site is small. There is an intro price (grab it now) and remember that the content is exclusive and HD. There's a cross sale on the sign-up page, and the trial offer recurs at a higher rate than the monthly one.

You can take the trial for a couple of days, but the price comes back to bite you. Go for the currently discounted monthly one or, to save money, the longer-term deals. These are worth considering as the site appears to be regularly updating and will grow. Watch out for that cross sale on the sign-up page.

Bad Daddy POV nails the step-sex theme in these same way as the 'dads' nail the youthful babes in the POV videos. It's all from your angle, and it works well, it's high quality and horny, the storylines are brief and to the point and you won't find any technical worries. We are looking at something new here, and a site that's set to do well and grow fast.



Average length of 15 Mins

8000KbpsMP4 1920 x 1080
5000KbpsMP4 1280 x 720
3000KbpsMP4 854 x 480