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Burning Angel

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What do goth, punk and emo have to do with some fabulous hardcore porn? Well, if you wish to know then you will definitely check out this Burning Angel review. It is chock full of pierced ladies with some truly hellacious tattoos in addition to some punk music that accompanies the hardcore porn. It has flesh suspension in it, as well as glam metal. Yes, it is a whole new niche.


music is so loud that many will go deaf in high def

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ReviewerSome of these people, both men and women dye their hair jet black and then put pink streaks through them. Some appear to be covered with tattoos from head to toe. Their music is so loud that many will go deaf in the near future. The unnatural, totally uneven look of their hair styles are the same for both males and females, and one can easily tell that their clothing was bought from the grungiest second hand shop.

As amazing as it is, the emo girls walk in such a way that it is difficult to tell an emo boy from an emo girl. You see the way to walk is with their head down and never meet anyone's eyes. After all emo girls and boys live a rather strange lifestyle, and that is what makes them totally emotional and ultra-sensitive. Now mix them all up and you'll have a punk goth emo.

What this actually is, earns the referred title as being an alternative style. That means no lovely bouffant blondes with huge tits that are filled with saline as so many of the porn queens have today. There will be no condominiums high atop a huge building overlooking the ocean either, for they prefer a much more homespun locale. The entire venue will be changed from what we normally expect in a porn film.

You will find that at this site the sex will always be hot though, as the goth, punk and emo are always looking for sexual release. However, often the release they seek is going to take some pretty strange turns to the uninitiated. For example the BDSM crowd has often tried out something called flesh suspension in which barbed hooks are inserted into the flesh of the one being suspended, and then the person's body is raised high into the air in order to cause visions and such depending on the length of the suspension, and you will find subjects like this covered at this rather unique site.

Although you will find plenty of naughty goings on here, I found that the sex is not always the prime interest and I found some of the strange scenes not only entertaining, but arousing. You will find there are heaps of interviews and reviews with musicians and bands. There are also live chats and shows right with the angels (paid for with subscription), a very active community to interact with, tons of ultra-sexy photos and finally some exceedingly thought-provoking columns to read. This site really does seem like it is made by emo's for emo's, coming across as very authentic, sticking well and truly to the niche that the tour promises.

There are loads and loads of videos which can be streamed using Flash in browser, or you could download the videos in MP4s 5000k+ at a screen filling size of 1920x1080. There is also a downloadable WMV which is 2200k, and results in 720x400. Videos last for approximately 25 minutes. You will find that the older scenes are not available in HD.

They also have a heap of photo galleries. Picture sizes are about 1020x1500. On average each of those holds about 60 pictures. Strangely enough the pictures are not Zipped for ease of download. There are no bonus sites since there are eight sites all linked together to form the Burning Angel site.

With the MP4s coming in size1920x1080 as well as picture sizes of about 1020x1500 we feel that the quality is actually damn good.

Plenty of videos and photo galleries are available here and it certainly does not allow anyone to complain about the quantity found on this site. Quality gets high marks and the niches covered are varied and will appeal to those that lean towards fetish material featuring inked up babes. It is quite unique, interesting and arousing.

A number of pros can be applied here. First is the size of this site. The quality is of course next, and the reduced membership price we can offer to Reviewed Porn readers, but finally one cannot be able to not admire the way that this site has stuck to its glam metal setting, mixed with hardcore fetish material.

Of course we were rather surprised by the fact that their pictures have not been presented in Zipped form in order to ease the problems associated with downloading. As a member you will also find that the old content does not carry the HD specs that the new stuff does.

As always we work diligently to get the lowest price possible for our readers, and we can offer a great monthly price that will see you saving at least 66% off the usual monthly membership price. Although there are no bonus sites, this site is actually 7 sites in one, which is a bonus in itself. Yearly sub price is even better value for money.

When we first heard of what the Burning Angel site was going to bring us, we had a tremendous amount of trepidation. First we never thought they would be able to maintain such a site if filled with goth, punk and emo subjects. We suspected it would simply peter out. We were wrong, and they have continued to grow and actually improve it.

60 Pics In Set

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Average length of 24 Mins

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