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Chocolate Models

Last updated on by Luke Preston

If you want some big, beautiful, voluptuous black babes dancing solo for you, then you've come to the right place. If you want an easy, clean and neat site to use, then maybe that's a different matter. You have a mass of hot ebony solo content here with a magazine style site that updates frequently and holds a good number of videos and galleries already. It's all on the one theme, there are some bonuses attached, for the right sign-up.


Great for solo, ebony booty dancers in exclusive movies

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ReviewerLet's deal with the good stuff first. Chocolate Models has its theme, and it's a good one. Solo pole dancers and exotic dancers, perform solo strip and play videos for you, but with not much 'play' in the sexual area, as it's all softcore. They dance in their lingerie in 15-minute-long videos, and there are new ones posted up at the rate of around 30 per month, with magazines dating back a good few years. This means, at a rough guess, there are over 1,700 movies, and I have to give a rough guess as there is literally too much content to count accurately. Not a bad thing. There are also over 2,000 galleries with from 40 to 400 pics per set. Again, all on the same theme.

In the members' area, you have the years set out as your menu, and you click a year to find the 12 months for that year, and then click a month to find the videos or the galleries and then find a long page of that month's videos, ditto the galleries. Each scene or gallery is about one big-assed ebony girl usually with big boobs as well, though there may be some who are slimmer. They stand in front of a camera and dance erotically, in their lingerie, and later they get rid of this and play with their boobs and show off their ass. On that level, it works fine, though that is just about the only level it has. So, if you want solo black girls, who are often larger than life, showing off their curves, then you've come to the right place.

The quality is fine and the more recent movies came with 1080p HD in Mp4 for downloads. There was also a smaller version for each one. Older ones are also decent quality, though maybe not as high a resolution and there were also WMV files there. The clips/scenes were around 15 minutes in length each. The galleries opened to show basic thumbnail pages and the solo pics in a new tab which you can save. I didn't see zip files or slideshows, so it's a bit of a clunky way of showing you the good quality images. Updates are very regular and frequent and nicely sorted with a year/month style of presentation. So, no complaints there.

What I did find lacking were search and sort options and details about the girls. For a site that is all about solo models, you would have thought there would be more info than just the girls' physical stats. I also found I had to open and close months as I went, or else end up with loads of new tabs open. To be honest with you, the site design could so with looking at and redesigning. My poor impression of it started on the tour where I was met with an old-style looking set of pages (think, early days of amateur porn where big bold text was more important than pithy headlines and snappy images), and links to sign-up where the information was a bit confusing. It looked like there was one sign-up option and that included access to a free VOD site. Whether that means you didn't pay for your video on demand, or you just got free entry and then had to pay for clips, was not explained. The further I went not the sign-up the more I discovered that there were longer term and other offers, and I could find bonus sites attached if I went for a longer-term deal. What those sites were, was also not explained.

And then I found loads of new tabs opening and navigation was a bit all over the place. I ended up with over ten new tabs once inside the members' area, but luckily the main page stayed open, and I could easily return to there. You do have a mobile suitable site and sign-up and the choice of which one to access, so the site is fully mobile compatible, it seems. So, good models and on-target scenes, but all rather tricky to find and work with.

More recent videos come with Mp4 files in 1080p HD and look fine, there are also smaller res ones, and even the older content is nicely filmed. The images are big and well taken, and the girls are all on nice. Where the quality suffers is at the hands of the design which could do with a complete reorganisation, if you ask me.

Exact numbers are hard to track down as the site updates so frequently but expect over 1,700 videos of around 15 minutes with solo dance and strip shows, and over 2,000 galleries of big black babes posing and showing off. It's exclusive too, as I understand it, and it is all on the theme that the tour promised.

There is a lot here, and it stays on theme. Sign-up is not expensive, and there is a mobile version of the site to see if you want to. There are regular updates and some good stream and download options as long as you have the right sign-up. The monthly rebill comes in cheaper, and there are some full HD movies now.

The design had me floored at times; too many words, not enough detail, sign-up options were not obvious until you were at Verotel and then I wasn't told what my extra bonus sites would be. Lots of pages open in new tabs and navigation could do with a rethink. There was no favourites function and no advanced search facility.

The monthly recurring amount reduces slightly after the first month. Explore the sign-up options, and you find there are better deals to be had on longer term sign-ups which are not at first apparent. Access to a VOD site was included, but I am not sure how 'free' that was, and longer term deals apparently have more bonus sites attached.

Chocolate Models does the solo, strip, flash and booty content just fine with a succession of big busty black babes in up to 30 updates per month. But the site could do with redesigning as I found it complicated, messy, and it opened loads of tabs. Fewer words, more direct links would help. But, for solo black booty dancers - go for it, it's great.

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