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Gogo Bar Auditions

Last updated on by Luke Preston

If you were a 20-something Thai girl and you wanted a job in a bar, how far would you go? The young lovelies at Go Go Bar Auditions are happy to go all the way after their quick interview, and they not only dance for you and the boss, they put out and put out well. This means the exclusive videos offer something slightly different from the Asian norm, with hot girls, chats, their pole dancing and their full on fuck scenes.


Thai girls chat, dance, strip and fuck for a go-go job

30 Day Trial $29.95 Recurs at $29.95 per month
Monthly Price $39.95
3 Month Price $74.85 $24.95 a month
Yearly Price$119.409.95 a month
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ReviewerI've just got back from Thailand. Well, I've just got back from hanging out in a bar where they have some lovely young things as the hostesses, and now I've seen go Go Bar Auditions, I know what it takes to make it in the biz. The girls must prove themselves and this they do with a chat to the director/hiring boss, and then showing us/him how they can dance. That's nice enough, but we're here for porn, and so, after a few minutes, things turn sexier. The girls strip down, and we get a good tour around their perfect little bodies, and then they start on the director's more intimate places to see if they can satisfy him. Things turn sexy and hardcore as the girls get well used and fucked in the name of getting a job.

Each of the 35 exclusive videos takes this storyline and the only thing that changes are the girls and the locations of the hardcore; though they are always in or around the bar somewhere. It's all well filmed and looks good, the quality is fine and the girls are interesting to listen to and much more interesting to watch. Even when they are simply stripping down, they are a turn-on and when they really get into it… Then you have classic Asian hardcore scenes with nubile younger girls and a studly older white guy.

The site is very simple, and it's only been around for a year, but it updates every two weeks, and so you now have the 35 movies, their screen caps and their galleries. These are fine, I just wish there were more, or some extras other than a small set of 49 non-exclusive hardcore Asian movies. You do feel as though the site is a bit thin and couple do with something else. Having said that, though, there are good lengthy descriptions of the scenes, and you do get the interviews and well as the dancing and the sex in the 30 to 40-minute-long movies.

These are good quality, and you have three different stream speeds. The top resolution here is at 1,920 x 1,080 and looks good. You can also stream in 720p and 480p which looked good even at full screen and which streamed nicely and smoothly. If you want to upgrade and download, then you can sign-up for the slightly more expensive membership which is explained on the join page.

The movies come with galleries of screen caps where there are a lot of shots to take you through the action, and there are digital photos as well, with around 80 to 100 pics each. These come with zip files (as do the screen caps) and simple online navigation. Again, the quality is good. A model index lets you check out each audition and see her link to her appearance, but there is no there info there.

And as for bonuses, there are the 49 bonus videos that are, I guess, non-exclusive and that cover more Asian hardcore. But that's about it. It's small but growing, and you will have to wait, on average, two weeks for any new content.

I had no issues with the quality. The girls are great to look at and sweet, the filming is excellent and the resolutions are up to HD at 1080p, so that's fine too. Images are large and clear, and the site has a nice design that makes it easy to use, though it is not interactive.

After about one year, the site has 35 movies and updates every two weeks. Movies run for around 30 minutes each and come with three stream options. They are exclusive and all take the interview, dance and fuck scenes in order. The galleries hold around 100 pics each and come with zip files.

The best thing about the site is that it holds exclusive content. It also gives as something slightly different in the Asian niche with the dancing and the interviews and that works really well; the sex is also nicely filmed and looks fine. There are a few bonus videos included.

The site is still small and doesn't grow very quickly. There is no downloading unless you pay extra for your membership. There are few interactive options and not a lot of info about the girls - only in the interviews and none in the model index. I felt it could have done with having something more - content, info, rates, comments, etc.

The recurring 'trial' price is the streaming only deal, and that's okay unless you want to keep the videos. In that case, you pay slightly more per month. It's a bit steep still as the site is small, but it is exclusive. Watch out for a cross sale already checked on the join page. Longer term sign-ups bring discounts.

Go Go Br Auditions has good quality, HD, exclusive videos that give a different slant on the Asian hardcore theme, but it's still Asian hardcore. Fine. It comes with two sign-up deals, streaming only or streams and downloads, but it is not very big and only updates once every two weeks. A few bonus vids help, but you might want to wait until the site grows.

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