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When a girl has to go she has to go, and when these hot chicks go they get filmed at set same time. Got 2 Pee is a new site from the Czech Republic featuring stunning girls in need of relief. They find that relief in the streets, in the woods, you name it as long as it is in public they go there. You have 200 + short piss in public clips here that are all exclusive and great quality, A great new site for all public peeing fetish fans.


Gorgeous Czech girls piss in public in exclusive movies

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ReviewerAt the top of the list of good things about this new site are the girls: Tall, slim, lithe, sexy, blonde, brunette, good looking, amateur maybe but with model looks, and from Europe. They all squat, sit or stand to let that river flow though, and they all do it in public, just as the tour promises us. The site started out in August 2012, and three months later had already added 200+ clips. And that's the next best thing about the site: they add five new clips each week and then, from time to time, they put up compilation videos with some of the best clips added together.

You'll see the recent ones on the home page where there is also a clear and simple top menu. Head to the Videos area and you find the first of the index pages that then lead you through the rest of the movies. They are all shown here with large sample images that come with dates, and you can also see what's coming next. Click a sample image for the viewing page.

And here's another excellent thing about the site; the pages are well designed and this means you have everything you need for the one clip on this one page. There are descriptions, some stats and details and then a range of viewing options. You can stream in four choices of quality and download in the same. These range from 320p up to full HD at 1080p. The clips are not long, usually between two and three minutes each, and this means that your files are not going to be too big, and that, in turn, means that you should have no trouble downloading anything, even the top HD files, even if you are on a slow connection.

Moves are well shot. They have a nice voyeur fell to them at times, they are clear, even the night-cam shot ones, and they give you plenty of pissing action. All natural, all authentic and all accompanied by some slightly quirky music, which helps set a neat little tone. The quality therefore is excellent and there is nothing to complain about. It's pure peeing, no sex, nothing gratuitous and it all gets presented brilliantly.

There are also screen caps with the clips and you find these further down the page. There are around 10 per set and you can scroll through them easily enough. An online player also runs a slideshow for you if you want, and the quality of the caps is very good, with images going up to full size with no loss of quality. They are clearly taken from the HD camera.

And then, around all this, you have some nice interactive features. You can rate scenes and add them to a favourites area, many members have already started leaving comments about the clips, and you can do the same, and there is an account area where you can upload an avatar and check the status of your account. Sign up to the newsletter and join Got 2 Pee on the social networking sites via the given links, and you can really get a lot out of this neat little site.

The clips here are at 1080p HD, though there are other versions offered as well. The filming is often voyeur in style but everything is sharp and clear, even when they are using night vision cameras. The girls are pretty awesome and natural and the pee action is captured well. Even the screen aps are good quality, and the whole thing has a good design.

After only three months in operation there were 102 clips of two to three minutes, all showing hot chicks pissing in public places. They came with four stream/download options and a set of around 10 screen caps to view. Five new clips are being added to the site every week.

This is all exclusive content from East Europe and it can only be found here on this site. It is all on the promised niche and well filmed, and the site has a very neat and functional design, plus interactive options for members. The update schedule is good and there are no technical issues at all.

Obviously the site is still small, but it is growing. Clips are shot, only a couple of mutes each, and it is not going to take you long to see them all. There are no digital stills galleries, and no model index or bonuses.

The price for membership to Got 2 Pee is discounted and great value for exclusive content that is very true to it's niche. There are no bonus sites included, but with the site updating on such a regular basis you will always have fresh content to check out.

Got 2 Pee has got off to a good start and the content is flowing in at the rate of five new clips per week. The girls are hot, the action is on niche, the quality is excellent and there are good viewing options. The site is well set out, you can get involved, and the price is decent. For fans of hot-chick public-piss action, this is a good site to join.

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