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There is hope for us all! Granddadz goes to prove that you don't have to be a fit, handsome, young stud to get a head and get some head, in porn. The guys on this site are well over 50, 60 in some cases, and they're still getting it up and into some very cute and beautiful younger babes. It's a bit of a fetish, seeing old wrinklies with grey beards shafting younger babes, and this site, limited though it is, gives you exactly that.


Gandalf meets Lara Croft in original old/young hardcore

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ReviewerIt's a bit like watching Gandalf drill the pussy off Lara Croft at times, the movies at Granddadz I mean. The whole point of the site is that we get exclusive movies where the male models are well over 50, and the girls they play with are in their 20s. It's a site with exclusive content that's well filmed and HD, but it's also rather limited, as you will see in a moment. I guess it's a fetish, that's the category I put it in, but it's also hardcore, and the fetish is the older/younger element.

Don't think that these guys are ancient and passed it though, they are not. I've seen some sites (mainly Russian ones) where they employ older men and some of them, bless, can't even get it up, let alone get it deep in a cute pussy. Here at Granddadz though, the guys are fit, though some might be a bit flabby, they are grey, but they are definitely old. The babes blow them, ride their dicks and take their loads just as you see in all good porn, and the mix of ages makes for horny viewing.

There were 81 scenes in the members' area when I called in, though there are actually 174 movies. That's because the site mixes in its bonuses with its main content. At first, you think you're getting a new scene every week, but the exclusive content comes in every two weeks, and some of the 'bonuses' are not on our 'Old man and the she' theme. The odd thing is, you can filter out the bonus content as it's in its own area, but you can't filter out only the exclusives. However, the bonus vids are labelled as such, and it's easy to spot what's what.

Looking at the latest movie, I found the names of the models as the title: 'Maya Crush - Atilla', and it might be fair to say that the guy was probably born in the same year as the original Atilla. This 20-minute scene came with three stream options and three downloads. There was a 1,920 x 1,080 HD version in Mp4, and then two other Mp4 files, one of which should do fine for your phone. The streams were the same resolutions, 1080p, 720p and 540p. I had no hassles running or downloading any of them. The movie quality is good, and the filming is fine. They have short storylines or setups at the start, but it's not long before the action develops into the hardcore you want to see.

Each of the 81 exclusive movies has a gallery with around 60 pics. These are good quality digital shots, and you can open them and save one at a time, or take a zip file of the full set, or run a slideshow.

And that's where Granddadz runs out. Apart from a couple of interactive functions, rates and comments, and an add to favourites option, you don't have anything else. The bonuses are varied and not on theme, and you will get a new scene of some sort every week, but there is no model index and only a brief description to set up each scene. Mind you, how many other sites can you think of where you get guys of this age with such gorgeous and willing younger babes?

You will find HD movies here are 1080p and 720p, and they are well filmed. The lighting is good, the dialogue is improvised, but comes across ok, and the sound is also fine. The girls are pretty hot, and the older guys do well. The site is simple and has a few interactive options.

Although there are 174 + scenes in the full Episodes list, I only found 81 that were exclusive to Granddadz; the others are varied and come from other sites and are marked as bonuses. The main movies though are on theme and exclusive, decently, put together and come with galleries with around 60 + pics each.

You won't find many other sites that have his theme, the very older men with a much younger babe. The ones I've seen on this theme haven't quite hit the mark, whereas Granddadz does. The content is very good, there are bonus scenes, and the site is easy to use.

Every other update recently had been a bonus scene, and there are more bonuses than there are exclusives, 91 Vs 81 at the moment. There is no model index and not a lot of info about scenes, updates or models. There is a cross sale on the join page.

The pricing options are just about okay for what is actually quite a small collection of exclusives, but then again, you don't find many sites like this one, so you have to expect to pay for it. My prices showed in Euros so there may be regional variation, but the longer-term deals, as is standard, save you money if you're going to sign for a full year.

It's pretty unique, a bit limited in size and scope, and has more bonus videos mixed in with its content that exclusives, but, Granddadz works well. It has 81 + exclusive scenes with much older guys and cute, young babes, and it's 100% hardcore. Updates are every two weeks, for the main scenes, with a bonus in between, and it achieves what it sets out to do.

60 Pics In Set

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