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House Of Taboo

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This site is no longer available.

This is a BDSM site that basically deals with female slaves, and female masochists. The Dominants in this case are either males or other females, and the slaves are beautiful European models. You will see many implements, whips, collars, handcuffs and gags. The girls will not have any real welts, as it is not extreme BDSM, but if you love some bondage and hardcore fucking House Of Taboo is well worth checking out.


spanking, loads of bondage and hardcore fucking.

Monthly Price $26.99
3 Month Price $69.99 $23.33 a month
Yearly Price$119.9910 a month
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ReviewerBrought to you via the DDF Network, this BDSM site leans very heavily into fetish portions of BDSM rather than the possible blood and guts shown on some BDSM sites. The greater majority of it is basically tame then, with occasional excursions into tenser BDSM. Thus we can see that things are more kinky and fetish than blood curdling. Then too, as opposed to many BDSM sites, this one has a lot of hardcore fucking scenes too. By mixing in a great amount of hardcore fucking with the kink, it made the site so much more interesting.

The site is broken up into different sections for ease in finding whatever it is you are searching for.. For instance it starts off with the House of Spanking, then House of Bondage, followed by Carnal Clinic, House of Piss, House of Latexxx, Fetish Community Events, House of Extreme Toys, and also the House of Rough Sex. Even the porn stars are broken up for you into either female porn stars or male porn stars. Just searching has been made quite easy, as you can search for a specific item such as tit clamps, or if you wish to search of a porn star or perhaps a scene. Then you will find that everything has been broken up for you in order to ease any search.

Even when you have a scene, you will note that every scene has many keyword tags thus once you find a keyword tag you like and you wish to see more of that, then you can search using the niche drop-down menu and perhaps even add any other filtering options that appeal to you. The reason we are spending so much time on the searches, is that we quickly found out that doing so was going to be the most enjoyable fun we could have at this site. In fact, the boss will be glad that reviewers are not paid by the hour but rather by the review because we "blew" by 3 hours at this site, doing searches and looking to see what the search had returned.

There are some things that can be found at this site that are difficult to find elsewhere. For instance there is BDSM that involves pissing, and also lesbian action, but even more difficult to locate are the scenes involving fisting, both the self-fisting and also when done with a partner. In addition, you will see loads of strap ons, and double penetration. We were also extremely impressed by the babe's fetish gear. There is tons of latex, and also PVC catsuits, schoolgirl or nurses' uniforms, ball gags, fully studded leather harnesses, and of course the ubiquitous thigh-high stockings!

There are 946 movies waiting for you here. These are capable of being streamed using Flash to get Hi Def playback of 1920 x 1080 dimensions. Downloads are available in FLV, MP4, MPEG or WMV, and all but MPEG delivers 1920 x 1080 dimensions. The MPEG delivers 448 x 256. All movies play for about 20 minutes in length.

The 946 movies are accompanied by 946 picture sets. Each set contains about 100 hi res pictures, and of course they are Zipped in order to facilitate download. The photo galleries may be delightful in using three image sizes.

All content here is exclusive, and they do perform updates often, in fact new updates arrive once a week with a new video and a new picture set. The picture sets are actual pictures taken during the filming of the video. They are not vid caps, but actual pictures, thus are in much higher quality than vid caps,

The quality here could not be higher. No matter what one downloads in, one is asked for the quality one desires. FLV, MP4, and WMV all will play back in Hi Def. The quality of the pictures is also extremely high as they are in hi res, and they are Zipped to maintain the quality.

The quantity here is phenomenal. Since they have been saving videos and pictures since April, 2006 the question of quantity is actually moot.

The entire site is chock full of pros. Among the many is the fact that the quantity is very high, and the quality could not be better. Their photos are actual photos and come in three image sizes. Content here is exclusive, and updates are performed frequently.

The only cons we could come across is the fact that there are no bonus sites being offered for joining the House Of Taboo. Granted the quality of the older videos and older pictures are not commensurate with the newer ones.

Monthly price is on the money for what you get at House Of Taboo. The content is high quality and there is lots of it so you may want to consider the longer term options that bring your monthly cost down substantially. This is a stand alone site with no bonus sites included with your membership

The site is brought to you as a truly fetish site that wraps up BDSM into sectors such as spanking, bondage, piss, community events, latex, fisting, fucking and believe it or not everything else in between. All is pure quality whether regarding videos or pictures. In addition, it is a very large site and is still performing updates with frequency.

100 Pics In Set

Hi-Res Pictures

Zip Files



Average length of 20 Mins

1000KbpsMPEG 448x256
12000KbpsWMV 1920x1080
2600KbpsFLV 1920x1080
12000KbpsMP4 1920x1080