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In The Crack

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In The Crack is up for review today. This is a pay site that focuses on sexy pussies and asses with loads of close up scenes and picture sets that will leave nothing to the imagination. You will find pussies filled with various toys and fingers. The tour looks promising with great images and options to download some sample scenes, so lets go take a look in the crack.


Just like the drug you risk getting hooked on In The Crack

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ReviewerThe view that I have is spectacular. A pair of woman's legs spread eagled with her cunt directly towards me. She is pink, her name is Lexy. In the Crack is a site that gives special attention to pussy and ass. Which lets face it is what most men out there want when they are looking for porn.

In the Crack is all about a woman's spectacular "twin cracks." The pussy and butt hole. These two entry points are delved into until you almost turn away with shame. But of course you do not. All sorts of implements are used in the "exploration." Plastics, metal, wood, organic - you name it. That's why after a few hours looking directly at pussies I picked out the few lesbian pairs in the site.

The tunnel vision didn't leave me however… It's almost as if I'm in the room with these two sexy babes, and my face is positioned right smack dab in the middle of Anneta Key's thighs as she's lying on her stomach while Zoe is giving her ass a fantastic oil massage. Anneta's glistening flesh petals are there right in front of me as Zoe's hands rub the soft, springy flesh, spreading even more of the oil across her skin. Sometimes she'd spank it lightly, or shake it to make it jiggle, and I'm right there with them as Anneta starts gyrating with pleasure right there on the table.

It looks like In The Crack was successful in their plan of putting me in the front seat for one of their cozy and private solo girl masturbation shows. Only of course this one had two girls, which is why I headed straight for it. But even the solo action here is shot with the same loving care Anneta and Zoe's session was. The term "caressed by the camera" takes on a whole new meaning here, as they come in so close, the camera almost literally brushes across their throbbing slits and ass cracks.

Finger fucking isn't the only thing these girls do here. As I check out another lesbian pair, Mya Diamond and Sophie Paris this time, I can't help but be aroused by the scene I'm viewing. It's a simple scene, with Sophie sitting naked on a red couch, legs open and peeing on the floor. She and Mya are giggling at what she's doing, and Mya gets her fingers in the way of the stream sometimes, as she rubs Sophie's shaved mound in approval of the watersports going on. Kinky stuff is on the menu, as long as it's within the framework of the theme and style of the site.

It's a very organized site, with info on the models on their pages, like height, weight, vital statistics, country of origin and other trivia. And that's where you can also access the photographs and movies of the model and her various sessions. The pictures are exemplary in their quality. You've got small and large versions of the photographs, with the "small" ones roughly at 1024x768 pixels, while the large versions can go up to a huge 4500x1800 pixels in size, though they're usually at 2,000x1,400 pixels, which is still stunning to look at. The large 4500x1800 image that I came across was a close up of Sarah Blake's luscious cuntscape, an appropriate size for something that's larger than life for guys who can't acquire such sweet snatch from such a hot girl.

Videos come in WMV and MP4 format , in a nice variety of quality choices all the way up to 1920x1080 which for those of you not familiar with sizing's is true HD.

This site certainly fills a niche that loads of porn fans love which is sexy pussy and ass in close up action. The fact that you can't stream the videos is a major letdown, but all in all this is a great site that is well worth checking out.

You will find fantastic quality content here. The fact that this site is over 10 years old means that of course the older content, which was limited by the technology of the times is not as good, but all the newer stuff is available in HD which is awesome.

The content here mainly revolves around sexy women's sweet pussies and asses. You will find loads of masturbation content, with plenty of the action being really closeup, giving you every tiny detail of these beautiful babes pussies and asses.

There are quite a few positives to this site. All of the content found here is exclusive, so you won't find it on any other sites. The content is great quality and will satisfy those who love solo girls, and really close up action. In The Crack updates very regularly keeping you stocked with fresh content.

The most obvious negative about this site is the fact that they don't offer in browser streaming of the scenes. It really does hold this site back and in this day and age it should be standard. The price tag is also on the high side.

They don't offer any bonus sites with your membership which is a pity. They only offer one membership option, which is for the monthly subscription.

In The Crack can be as addictive as crack itself if you let it. It's intoxicating to get as close to a hottie's nooky as you get here. If we're talking about hot porn babes and their delicious playpens, this will be the next best thing to the real thing for most guys out there.

100 Pics In Set

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Average length of 40 Mins

5000KbpsWMV 1920x1080
5000KbpsMP4 1920x1080