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James Deen

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You are in safe hands at James Deen, the site. You are in horny hands if you get together with him in person as a string of top porn star babes will tell you. Here we find a collection of his scenes and DVDs, with photos, that chart his career from 2004 to the present day. He's one of porn's long-stayers, he makes sensual and erotic movies as well as some kinky ones with loads of hardcore. And it's all here for a good price.


Hardcore heaven with one of porn's top leading men

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ReviewerI spend so long checking out porn sites that after a while, it can become a chore. But only when I keep finding dull sites, or ones with low-quality content, amateur sites where the 'stars' are more like red dwarves, and others that are so painful to use you just give up. But, I had none of those issues here with James Deen. This guy knows what he is doing, and so does the team of porn professionals who surround him. He's been at it for 13 years or more now since he was 18, and he has appeared in loads of hardcore scenes. You find them all here, including some of his full DVD titles and you find them in a site that's easy to use and that carries high-quality content.

The action is a mix, but if James is involved, you know it's going to be full-on hardcore. Sometimes there are 'master and slave' style movies, hardcore pussy pumping, some slap and tickle and then some scenes that are slow and erotic, but always fulfilling. Updates are coming into the site as well, so he shows no signs of slowing down and, if you were worried, not every scene has him in it as the male model. There are 256 girls and some guys in the model index, so you still have plenty of variety. Movies include duo scenes, scripted ones, groups, and some behind the scenes material as well. It's a good mix.

I found the 584 scenes very easily from the drop-down in the top menu. You can also opt to see the 12 full DVDs and their component scenes if you want and there are some details and descriptions to help you decide what to watch first. The quality is good, there are no worries there, and there are also good viewing options. Older scenes are shown in HD, even though they were made before HD came along; they are still perfectly fine.

The top resolution for streaming was at 1,920 x 1,080 HD, and in Mp4, with 720p and a good quality 480p one too which will do for most mobiles. Scenes run for around 30 minutes on average, with some at 45 and others slightly shorter, but they are certainly not clips. After you have viewed, you can rate the scenes and leave comments, so you get involved. There is also a favourites area to add things to so you can build your own collection of your top movies. If you want to check out what's going to happen, you can run the screen caps and look at them, there are no trailers, but these do just as well.

For photo collectors like me, there are 157 hot digital galleries with around 35 pics in each one. These give you some nice posed shots from the models, as well as some action shots, and they can be downloaded one at a time, or you can take zip files of full sets in up to three choices of size. 1,600 px was the top resolution, and again, the quality is amazing.

And talking of models, there were 256 to check out in the index. There wasn't always info here but there are links to the videos, and for the ladies, male models are also featured. Add all that together and think about the discounted membership (while offers last) and you're getting an excellent deal on some classic porn studio style content in one easy to use place.

I was impressed with the quality. Not only are the resolutions good but so is the filming and the girls are smoking. The site is well set out too. Images are large and clear, the video sound is good and with resolutions now up to 1080p, you have no worries.

Not all of the content is exclusive to the site as some has been for sale, and still is, on DVD. But there are 584 scenes, 12 full DVDs, 157 galleries with around 35 pics each and 256 models in the index. Updates are coming in regularly, and the site is building. The movies are generally hardcore and/or erotic, with some kink and some behind the scenes.

Access to this site is currently offered with a reduction which is well worth checking out. The other prices are good value, though, as the site is large and growing. You have good, solid hardcore here from studio professionals, so there's nothing badly amateur about it. Members can apply to join in the fun and make scenes too.

There are no bonus sites attached, so it's a standalone one. There is a cross sale on the join page to watch out for, and the trial recurs at a high monthly rate. I'd have liked more info about the models in the index, but otherwise, there's nothing else to moan about.

The two-day trial is a good way to get a flavour of the site, but it comes back to bite you at a high monthly rate. Check out the discounted offer, or look at the longer-term ones where you save loads; the annual one works out at $9.99 per month, paid in one instalment. Be aware of the cross sale on the join page. There are no bonuses here.

You can see why James Deen is such a sought-after star; he has it all, including a good knowledge of how to please women and viewers. He also gives us excellent quality hardcore movies, loads of photos and good viewing options. The site gives no hassles, and you're in hardcore heaven from the word go.

35 Pics In Set

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