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Life Selector

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Life Selector is such an amazing and new concept porn site. It actually allows you to make the choices where a video will "go" depending on your mood and your needs! That is the reasoning behind the name, thus if you wish to live a certain life as you perform interactive porn, this site will allow you to do just that!


It actually allows you to make the choices.

Monthly Price $9.95
Credit Card     No Cross Sales

ReviewerIf ever you have watched some Internet porn and were thinking to yourself that you really could have directed it so much better, or had an idea where the video should have gone to make it hotter then you will definitely like this site. You see, it is called Life Selector because that's what it lets you do. Those who came up with this idea must have been just short of brilliant! Granted the "kids" of today have created what they think is brilliant by introducing us to 3D videos, but this really tops 3D by a mile!

What happens here is that you will become a discerning male who is out to either get laid or something such as that. You will be as sexy as you wish, and as sexually adept as you desire too, enabling you to seduce whatever female you come in contact with, and with macho aplomb too if that is your desire. The point is that the entire site is literally at your disposal, for you will be the "King of the jungle" in any way you desire. Imagine being able to grab a beautiful willing female by the hair as she services your mighty member, or commanding a gorgeous woman to make love to your cock at your whim?

The way this works is that you will be given choices, and you have but to make those choices according to your desires. You cannot imagine the thrills involved in making all those decisions. As can be made-up everything is filmed in POV which also helps one to place oneself in the particular story as one is currently experiencing it.

This interactive porn is a streaming only experience however it is truly unique enough for you to give it a try. One of the things we really loved is that the first choice needed to be made is whether one seeks either a quick or a full experience. The quick one will last about 4 times shorter than a full experience, but that's just like real life isn't it? Ever have a quickie? So the story begins, and even when sexual encounters need to be made the decisions are all yours, so you get to choose if it will be anal, doggy style, or missionary or perhaps just be a wild and wonderful blow job.

Each time you make a decision it costs you tokens. Each session works on a token basis. Tokens must be purchased prior to any scenes of course. The cost of tokens is pretty low considering the deal we have made for our readers, namely only $9.95 per month for 100 credits. For example you may wish to spend tokens to guide a normal blowjob by pulling her hair, thus spending a few tokens. Or imagine being able to have sex with two girls in one of your stories?

With 174 stories to choose from, and around 5 scenes in each, in order to have them stream for you, you will need to purchase a good amount of tokens to ensure a lengthy adventure. However the shows can be begun without spending any tokens until choices must be made.

Even though it is chock full of new techniques, quality is still nice. Although it's not true high definition, which is a little disappointing, the videos are crisp and clear.

Keep in mind that each decision changes the content and it will of course domino into the next content, thus grading content is in many ways futile. On the other hand, it is the changes that you make that allow that to happen.

Because this is an entirely new experience, with new interactivity being presented, it would be difficult to judge any further pros other than what has been already stated. This is new, and it is very exciting as well. This is the very first true interactive porn site ever known!

No bonus sites are offered. No advanced search option. Videos, although really nice are not hd stats at only 640x360.

Credits start at $9.95 100 credits : $9.95 500 credits : $29.95 1000 credits $39.95 There are no extenuating bonuses being offered other the chance to try out something brand new to the porn game.

Although Life Selector is not a very representative name for this new way of getting porn, it is after all extremely inventive and progressive. It is our thought that it will transform the way porn is presented in the future. If you have ever wished you were at the crossroads of something new and very exciting, this is it!


Average length of 6 Mins

2050KbpsMP4 640x360