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My Very First Time

Last updated on by Luke Preston
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It is always great to be the first in to a new site and we are among the rush of reviewers heading for My Very First Time only one month after it opened. The site is small, but it is big on quality. You have some very sexy girls trying out anal, DP and gangbangs for the first time. The filming is good the videos give genuine experiences, come with galleries and an amazing 4K download option. And it's on offer for an amazing discount.


Girls try out Anal, DP and Gangbangs for the first time

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ReviewerYou would normal be asked to pay $29.95 for this site, and that would be a good enough deal in itself, but with the site being so new, they have come up with a great discount offer: $17.95 per month, with some longer-term options too. You can, if you wish, go for the full network, platinum access once you have joined the site, and that offers you a one-off payment chance to access even more HD sites. But for now, here's what I found when I saw My Very First Time for, well, my very first time.

It's all about hot chicks giving themselves over to a first time experience here. But, unlike many sites that offer 'First Time' this one is not about first time porn in front of the camera. There may be some of that, but here it's mainly about girls trying out anal, double penetration or gangbangs for the first time. This means you get genuine reactions (listen to the sounds they make!) and visuals of girls getting a hard cock in their virgin asses, while being screwed, or girls getting banged by more than one guy at once. It's all very authentic and natural, and all very well filmed.

The quality standards are high here. Although there were only eight movies when I was in the site (because it was only a month old) they were of a really high standard. You've got the awesome 4K download, by which they mean an Mp4 file for a scene shot at 4,096 x 2,160 @ 8000 kbps, which is higher than the highest definition I've seen before. There are other options too though; 1080p and 720p and Mp4 files at 480p and one WMV, all for download. There are three stream speeds to choose from as well. Some of these top files are around 3Gb in size, so may take a while to come down the line to you and there are no options for clips or parts to take.

Movies come with galleries though, both screen caps with around 150 + pics each or digital stills with over 250 at times. Both hold good quality images and both has a navigation system where you browse one pic at a time. There were no slideshows to run so browsing was a bit open-and-close, but zip files of full sets are available. The girls give you some neat posed shots and then loads of action ones. Digital images were up at 1,500 x 1,000 when at full size, though scaled down to fit the browser at 950 x 633.

As you browse the content you can give it a rate, in fact if you join today you will be one of the first to rate it. You can also comment on it and leave your mark. There is the standard 'add to favourites' function to use and the viewing pages will show you the average score and rate, in time. If you want to browse by models then head to the model index where the girls come with links to their videos. There's no info about them there and that is because the videos start off with a chat from each model, so you get to know them that way.

I had no trouble with navigation here and no technical problems. There are some adverts for other signups dotted around the pages and in the Deals page. There is also a link to where you can get that Platinum access deal, and there are inks to help and support should you need them. I doubt you will, the site ran perfectly for me and I can't wait for it to add more content.

Your top resolution here is a stunning 4K HD version of each scene, with 180p and lower resolution versions also offered. But the filming is good, the interviews are too and you have great quality movies with good quality galleries. Even the screen caps look good. The site has a neat design, with some adverts in it, but everything works well.

The site is new so there were only eight scenes when I viewed, but these did run for around 50 minutes each, including the interviews. They cover first time anal, DP and gangbangs in genuine scenes that you can stream or download, the content is exclusive and updates should be happening on a weekly basis.

You are looking at genuine first time experiences here, and it's all very real. The quality is superb, both in terms of resolutions and of filmmaking. The site is easy to navigate and use and there is a good introductory discount offer going on, so you can sign up for a bargain and watch things grow.

Galleries don't have slideshows and so you browse one pic at a time. The site is new and so still small, but should be growing in time. And there are a few adverts in the members' area pages.

I have mentioned the discount and it is a good one for a new site, $17.95 per month saves you $12.00 each month, and there are other sign-up offers as well. (Watch out for any pre-checked cross sales.) To access a bonus package you need to make a further one-off payment, but then you stay with those bonuses all the time you are a member of the site.

My Very First Time gives genuine first time anal, DP and gangbang experiences, caught brilliantly on HD cams, right up to a stunning 4K HD. The quality is great, the girls are smoking hot, the pics are good and the site has a simple, user-friendly design. The discount offer is just right and you should keep an eye on this site for great things to come.

250 Pics In Set

Hi-Res Pictures

Screen Captures

Zip Files



Average length of 50 Mins

5000KbpsWMV 1280 x 720
2000KbpsFLV 1280 x 720
3000KbpsMP4 1280 x 720
5000KbpsMP4 1920 x 1080
8000KbpsMP4 4096 x 2160