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Last updated on by Luke Preston
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'Nanny Caught and Punished', 'Lying Nanny Gets Creampied' and 'Busted! Dildo Thief…' are three of the titles at Nanny Spy. This new and exciting site brings us excellent reality movies where the theme is nanny sex; and that's not old nanny as in goat, it's young and gorgeous nanny as in deep-throat, and more. These movies are 4K HD, exclusive and downloadable.


Cute babes, hot hardcore, 4K HD, exclusive and real

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ReviewerWhat does Nanny Spy actually mean? You might think of your old nanny from when you were young if you had one. If not, think of Bette Davis in that thriller 'The Nanny', and you couldn't be further from the reality of the nanny on this site. Or nannies as there are a few of them. These are more your classic au pairs, but then again, not the typical Swedish ones with pigtails and all that 'Hurdi-hur.' These are barely legal girls looking for a job, being interviewed by a couple, and then being set to work. They invariably do something wrong (steal a dildo, seduce the son), and thus need to be punished by the dad of the house, and he is always a hung stud with a rigid cock, and balls so full of cum that the nanny ends up drenched, or creampied, or gaging on goo.

We are looking at horny hardcore here with excellent set-ups to the reality movies. That's one thing, the next thing is the 'Spy' of the title. No, nanny is not a spy in a trench coat, she's being caught on spy cameras. And no, again, these are not grainy, low-res cameras, but 4K HD ones, so the results on screen are amazing. The movies are also filmed with your standard style and POV style when dad (or you) is being blown. So, it's a hot mix of styles all rolled into one great looking site.

And now for the bad news. There were only nine scenes when I was checking things out. It's not a large site but they are adding one new scene each week, and it has only just started up, so expect more as time goes by. But now for the good news! You have the 4K HD movies to download, and there are also other resolutions to suit all of us. 1080p, 720p, and lower ones for mobiles are available in Mp4, plus there is a WMV file at 720p if you like that format. Movies are around 35 + minutes in length with around five to 10 minutes being the TV show style set-ups. They work well and look good.

They come with screen cap galleries where you can browse through and see how the action is going to unfold. And they also have digital galleries where you can download solo pics at 1,500 x 1,125 px, and where you can take zip files. It's action all the way with some great quality shots that you'll want to collect. As galleries are found with videos on their viewing pages, and as those pages are all found from a simple top menu, you won't have any trouble getting to your content.

In fact, navigation is easy, thanks to the small size of the site. There's only one index page for content so far. However, the site has been designed with the future in mind, and so there are neat search and sort options, filters, and already it's set up so you can search out content in various ways. A model index, with nine babes so far, lets you filter through and see the kind of nubile nanny you want to get off with, and then you can click through to her movies.

On the next downer, we have a lack of bonuses, but we do have special offers. There are deals to be had (but click the Deals page, and you get a message 'something went wrong), and there's a Platinum membership to take up (but again, try that and 'something went wrong'). It looks like these additions are not fully in place yet, but they may be by the time you read this, so they could well be worth checking out.

The movies at Nanny Spy are shot in 4K HD and so look perfect, and they are also filmed relay well. The acting ain't half bad either, and the reality of the scenes shines through. You get high-quality movies, then, and great quality images and let's not forget the star quality of the youthful babes and the handsomeness of the studly studs.

This is a very new site and so gets marked down for content count, but it is all exclusive and looks good. There are regular weekly updates happening, and you're only going to find this content here. It stays on the theme, movies run for 35 + minutes, come with many screen caps and also digital stills with around 250 pics per set.

There are some horny porn babes appearing in these themed movies. The quality is through the roof, the acting is good, the sex is better, the site is easy to use and set up for when it does get bigger, and there's an introductory price at the moment. It's also got mobile-friendly files for downloading.

The site is small because it is new so the price could be even lower. Watch out for a cross sale on sign-up, and the trial which is limited. There are no bonuses and some of the 'extras' like sign-up discounts to other sites, are not yet fixed and working.

Currently, the price is down to $17.95 per month so it might be worth getting a membership before that goes up. The trial, for one day, is limited access and comes back at nearly $40.00 per month. Go long-term and get the price down to $9.95 per month over one year, paid in one go. There are no bonuses.

Nanny Spy scores high for inventiveness, quality and the style of the reality movies; it has to score lower on content count, but it is adding a new scene each week. Hot chicks, great stories, great sex, great quality, but small. It's easy to access and use, has 4K HD movies and other choices, and so far, so good… It just hasn't gone very far as yet.

250 Pics In Set

Hi-Res Pictures

Screen Captures

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Average length of 35 Mins

6000KbpsWMV 1280 x 720
15000KbpsMP4 3840 x 2160
10000KbpsMP4 1920 x 1080
6000KbpsMP4 1280 x 720
1560KbpsMP4 852 x 480