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True Amateurs

Last updated on by Luke Preston

One of the neat things about True Amateurs is that they invite you to send in your own tapes, and they will pay you if they are used. This is a new site and so far only has a small content count but, unlike many other amateur sites, the quality is good. They obviously only choose the best from their submissions. Real amateur couples, HD filming, an easy members' area to use and weekly updates all combine with a low sign-up price.


Send in your own or watch amateur couples in hardcore

2 Day Trial $1.00
Monthly Price $19.99
6 Month Price$59.99 $10 a month
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ReviewerOkay, so hands up - I am a voyeur. I love watching other people' going 'at it' in their own homemade tapes. This is why I spend hours on tube sites getting frustrated that you either only see a clip before having to pay, or you get a terrible and grainy result. So, that's why I like sites like True Amateurs. Here, real couples send in their own tapes, and the site chooses the classier ones and posts them once a week for members to see. At least, that's what the tour suggests; inside the members' area there is nothing to tell me how to do this, but there are details on the tour if you want to join the fun.

That said, what is here looks to be real amateur porn with mainly young couples in hardcore sex. Couples are shagging in the shower, fucking on the floor, balling in the bathroom and living it up (that's up to his nuts in pussy) in the living room. There's a good sense of reality and fun, and even though the movies look semi-pro, I reckon they are all really-Am if you get me. The quality is good, though sometimes it's static cams, and there are even some POV moments as the guy films the babe.

The downer, at the moment, is that the site is young and small. There were only 18 videos when I was just there, but then it had only been going a month or so. They started up with a small set of vids and have been adding one new one each week ever since. There's also a part of the page where you can filter and see what's coming next, and updates were lined up for some weeks ahead. Good news! You find the videos from the menu or home page where you can see the upload dates and members' ratings. Then you simply click through and find the viewing page.

It's big! I mean, everything at the site seems big. The viewing screen for streams is large but you can resize it even bigger, and all the buttons and links are big and bold, as are the images. That's fine actually, and the pages look good. You can stream the videos in HD or SD, and there are downloads with a variety of resolutions and qualities. It depends on who filmed what and on what kinds of camera, etc. But the top resolution was at 1,920 x 1808 HD, and there were also 720p versions, some at 480p, and ones that will be suitable for mobiles; they are Mp4 files so should most devices.

There were a few things missing from True Amateurs. There are no galleries, not even any screenshots - though movies have trailers so you can see what's going to happen, there were no bonuses either and no info about the models in the model list. Here I found 20 girls who came with links to their videos, so it was a handy browse tool, but I'd have liked to know more about the horny Am couples who have sent in this content. Just as I would have liked to have had a place in my members' area where I could have submitted my own.

Surprisingly for amateur content, the quality is good here. The videos I saw were sharp and clear, and the sound was fine as well. The camera was sometimes static, which can be a bit dull, but they were all perfectly watchable videos. There are HD versions 1080p, and 720p and the site has a bold and easy to use design.

The site had been online for only a few weeks when I saw it, so there were only 18 movies, but they ran for around 20 minutes each, and a new one was being added each week, with several weeks ahead being advertised. The content is, as far as I know, only available from this site and we're told it is member submitted.

True Amateurs has got it right when it comes to starting up a new site: they have low prices and even a week on week payment plan. The content looks to be genuine amateur, and the quality is surprisingly good for such content. The site carries good filters and search options plus some interactivity.

Obviously, the site is low on content numbers, but it's growing week on week. I'd have liked info about how I could submit my own tapes, and that's' what the tour led me to believe I could do. More info about the models and some members profiles or sharing options would be nice too.

I liked the price. The monthly amount is a good intro price for a new site, $19.99 (though my prices showed in Euros so there may be regional variation). There are also week on week payments and fortnightly ones, which is unusual. The trial two-days comes back at the regular monthly price, and there were no cross-sales. No bonuses either, mind you.

You're going to get a good deal from True Amateurs in time. It's small and new, but bright and bold, on-niche and it's not costly. The couples are real amateurs, and the sex is hot, the site is easy to use and interactive, but could do with more self-submit action if you ask me. Still, with weekly updates, it's going to grow, so it's one to keep an eye on.



Average length of 20 Mins

12000KbpsMP4 1920 x 1080
8000KbpsMP4 1280 x 720
3000KbpsMP4 480 x 360
500KbpsMP4 320 x 178