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Today we are going to review ViPissy. Let me start out by saying there is a word that refers to those who are special tasters of wine due to their highly trained palate -- an enologist. To them nothing can compare to the amazing taste of wine, and the degustation of wine is incomparable. Now take that same trained palate and have it learn all about the degustation of piss and you will understand VIPissy.


entertaining basis for those delightful peeing movies

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ReviewerAs for what you will see here, of course it is all about gorgeous girls who love to be pissed upon, play with piss or just basically handle a guy's piss for a sexual thrill. Thus you will see a lot of pussy washes with piss, wet panties, squirting, wet toys, and of course any sexual act that can also involve piss. On the other hand, some do not necessarily need to be pissed upon but get a sensual feeling just knowing that they are being watched while peeing. Performing all or any of the above is called doing watersports, just so that you know.

This site emanates from Europe, thus the models that are utilized in this site are mostly gorgeous European models. Then too many of them are lesbians, so that the models end up peeing in each other's mouths and such. There are hardcore piss scenes involving guys and girls, and often when the lesbians are at it, you will see them not only piss on each other's heads, but even use cups to prepare the degustation of the pee, and at times they drench various toys in pee while in use even.

There is yet another pee related site that those who love pee play have often gravitated to, and that is Wet and Pissy. Well, those folks are one and the same as the producers of VIPissy, thus you can rest assured that high quality will prevail. To tell the truth, the quality that has been found in Wet and Pissy has totally been applied here, so that they know exactly what will satisfy those who are into watersports. The pissing genre has been widened to include the aforementioned lesbian content, but also includes the sock and nylon fetish. They have also included solo masturbation scenes that make it all so much more interesting inclusive of anal scenes as well.

The site is relatively new, and thus there are not tons of videos to be seen here, however they have worked very diligently at creating the site with enough there to entice those with the need to pursue the genre as well as satisfying them. Thus you will currently find 32 videos which run for about 30 minutes each. They can be streamed using the in browser Flash with a bit rate of 1300 to receive the videos in 1280x720 sizes. Or you may wish to download the movies into WMV with bit rates of 4000 to achieve sizes of 1440x720. Finally you may also download them into MP4s with a bit rate of 5000 for sizes 1920x1080 thus receiving full ultra Hi Def quality.

The 32 videos are accompanied by 32 picture sets. Each set contains approximately 90 hi res pictures in each picture set. The entire site proceeds with updates approximately twice a week but occasionally they perform updates once per week instead. There is a very inspiring model directory which encompasses the filthiest and naturally the absolutely sexiest French, Swedish, German, Croatian, and Czech babes to ever star in any peeing fetish movie. You will find that the entire site is very professionally done comprising of superb camerawork as well as editing. We were especially fond of their propensity for clean close-ups of those sweet pussies that show the discharge of warm pee right onto the floor, on another beautiful girl, or in a bowl for use later.

They have begun this site with the highest quality possible, that being Hi Def for the videos and hi res for pictures. Direction, acting and editing are also of the highest quality possible.

With only 32 videos and 32 picture sets, quantity is not one of their strong suits. We believe, however, that the numbers will surely rise quickly.

The list includes Hi Def movies, hi res pics, as well as great direction and editing. The models also shine brilliantly in this site.

Currently the site is exceedingly small. We, however, seriously doubt that it will remain so for very long.

There are a few options available for membership to ViPissy, and the longer term options will bring your monthly cost down quite a bit. There are currently no bonus sites included in your membership here.

In conclusion you will find the site is highly unique and an exceedingly entertaining basis for those delightful peeing fetish movies. We were very impressed with it as it will quickly grow to having abundant choices of Hi Def visuals to relish and their pictures are even now just as awe-inspiring as their movies in their fantastic high resolution frames.

90 Pics In Set

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Average length of 30 Mins

4000KbpsWMV 1440x720
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5000KbpsMP4 1920x1080