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Virtual Pee

Last updated on by Luke Preston

We've found a site for all watersports fans who want to get closer to the action. Virtual Pee offers you exclusive VR movies with sexy Euro babes wetting and playing, striping and being pee-dirty for you in short movies that you can download and stream. These are ultra HD, 360 degrees movies with 3D sound and high-quality filming. Full instructions are given, and weekly updates are coming in to help the site grow.


Hot babes, warm pee and all new, exclusive VR movies.

Monthly Price $19.95
6 Month Price$99.95 $16.66 a month
Yearly Price$149.9512.5 a month
Credit Card     No Cross Sales

ReviewerThere are pissing sites out there, and there are virtual reality (VR) sites, but Virtual Pee is, I believe, the first one to combine both. The content here concerns hot looking young European girls in solo shows, with some finger work and toys, masturbation and stripping and also the peeing element. That usually involves them aiming at the camera, or peeing while in clothes and generally being pee-dirty. The site is new, but it is adding a new and exclusive scene every week, and there is, currently, an introductory price for your first month.

When you log in you will see the most recent movies on the homepage. You then move on to page two, or you can list all movies in their own area from the top menu. The site is simple to navigate so you won't have any issues there. Each movie comes with a write-up and description, some details and technical information and linked tag words to help you then find others that are similar. Not that that's going not be a problem just yet as the site is new and small.

There were 11 hot and wet videos when I was just at Virtual Pee, and they were all high quality; there are no concerns about quality that's for sure. You have various ways to view as well, with three downloads and a stream. The top resolution is at 3,960 x 2,160, and the lowest is high by usual standards at 1,920 x 1,080. The frame rate is at 60 fps, and the movies are set up for all VR devices. So, you can use them with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Smartphone, PlayStation VR and Samsung Gear.

If VR is new to you and you're not sure how to work it, there is a help page and info, and there are links to support. Simply send in a request if you have any issues and you'll be dealt with. You do have to buy the goggles yourself, of course. Unlike some VR sites, they don't send you a pair of the cheap ones when you sign-up, but you'll want to make sure you've got what suits you best anyway.

So, 11 movies of around six minutes each (I know, not the longest) but where you can turn 360 degrees (even in the streaming in 2D) and where you have gorgeous babes being a little bit pee-dirty. New episodes come every week. Meanwhile, though, there's not a lot else to do on the site: no bonuses or galleries, but there is a model index with 13 babes you can check out and then link over to each one's movie or movies. The sign-up price per month is usually $29.95 but currently, your first month is down to $19.95, so you've not got anything to lose by taking a quick peek at some quick pee movies from Virtual Pee.

I had no hassles with the quality of these movies or with the site. The clips are all ultra HD and look good. The streams were not always as sharp as the downloads, but you're going to want to view in VR anyway, and the streams are 2D. The site is neatly designed and easy to use, and there is good information plus some interactive options.

So far, Virtual Pee has 11 exclusive and original scenes that you can stream or download. They are all VR with 360 degrees viewing, so you can turn and look around, and they run for around six minutes each. The sound is 3D and good, and you really do get a completely virtual experience when viewing. A new scene is added each week.

This could well be the only watersports/pissing VR site on the net at the moment, so you are getting to see something very exclusive and new. The quality is fantastic, and so are the girls, and you can view the content on any VR headpiece. It's easy to manage and your first month comes at a discount.

The site is rather small but growing, and you will need the full gear to get the most from it. Downloads are via your clipboard, but there's help on hand if it's an issue. There are no galleries, not a huge amount of model info and no bonuses, so it's a small standalone site.

$19.95 is the first-month offer, and then you're at $29.95 per month after that. Longer-term deals are not bad at all, and as the site is updating each week, they are worth considering. There are, though, no bonuses or extras as yet. Mind you, there are no cross sales or hidden charges either.

Virtual Pee knows where it is going but just needs a while to get there. Meanwhile, there are some fantastic though short VR pissing scenes with some steaming-hot models from Europe. The quality is through the roof, the site comes with full instructions and help, and it's all original and exclusive. Worth crossing your legs and holding on for more updates.



Average length of 6 Mins

60000KbpsMP4 3960 x 2160
20000KbpsMP4 2560 x 1440
10000KbpsMP4 1920 x 1080