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If you're a fetish fan, then this is the site you have to see next. Wasteland is anything but. It's a lush field of fetish dreams, a haven for banging BDSM, a joy of Japanese Shibari and bondage, and it's been around for many years. It's a large site, it offers you photos and videos, many exclusive and now in HD, even VR movies and it's updating each week.


A huge fetish collection with weekly updates and some HD

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ReviewerIt's a case of girding your loins and diving into Wasteland. Once you've signed up and landed, you will see what's new on the homepage, and the first thing you have to do is sort out the navigation. Use the Main Menu page to find a full list of what's on offer, and you'll be gob-smacked at the amount of content you have to see.

For a start, there are over 2,000 videos now, and these can be streamed in Flash or downloaded in various formats according to age. The site has been there since the 1990s, and so older movies are smaller resolutions and may come in MOV or WMV, or Mp4, but newer ones are trending towards Mp4 and at 1,920 x 1,080 HD too. These movies cover everything you can think of in the fetish world, from your standard domination, by men of women and by women of men, to specialised Japanese tortures and sexy acts. There's a movie theatre, a section of Wasteland Originals, TV series, and even streaming feature films.

Then you have the photo section with over 5,000 galleries to check out. I found these were pretty basic in terms of layout, but they gave me zip files, and online viewing was easy. The images are good quality and come in various categories, such as Originals, Party photos, Asian Underground images and the House of Japanese Bondage. Again, you can link to each area from this main home page and opening in a new tab would be a good way to go, so you don't get too lost.

The thing about Wasteland though, is that it goes further than many other fetish sites. There are interviews and behind the scenes movies, a great set of erotica to read, film reviews, and BDSM guides, and your very own How To pages of bondage tips and rope safety. I'd have liked to have seen a forum and more of a discussion among members, but I did see a link to Members Submissions (a great play on words and I don't think it's intentional), and there are photo competitions as well.

So, it's not just about the dungeon sex, the hardcore action, the men being fucked with strap-ons, the women being caged and bound and tied, or the Japanese forced masturbation videos, or the leather and whips… and so on. There are some nice extras, though no bonus sites and the site is adding new content all the time. Well, there's a regular new video or gallery each week, and new articles and info as and when they are ready.

The only downer I found with the site was the navigation. There are category lists and the main menu page, and other ways to find the content including a basic search box, but I also found that some links led me deeper and deeper into the site with no easy way to get back to where I was. Which is why I suggested opening new tabs, so you keep your main home page or main menu page open to come back to. It's not as interactive as I thought it would be, hence the idea about a forum (unless I missed something and I wouldn't be surprised, you need a month at least to find everything here, and I only had a couple of hours). But, otherwise, it's a massive barn of a place, and there's something hotly fetishistic on every single page.

You're going to find that the older content here is not as good quality as the more recent movies and pics because it was made a while ago, but still, the filming quality is fine. You now have 1080p HD movies and 720p, but older ones will be smaller. The site's look and navigation could do with a bit of an upgrade, but still, it all works.

The site is made up of loads of different areas, with over 2,000 movies, many exclusives, but not all, and with various runtimes. There are over 5,000 galleries now with around 40 per set on average, and all the content is on a fetish theme of one sort or another. Stories and interviews plus other extras also make up the main content collection.

You have so much variety that this is probably one of the most varied fetish sites out there. Member can get slightly involved and send in their own contributions if they want. There are extras included such as the interviews and How To articles, stories and more. Updates appear to be regular on a weekly basis.

I found navigation was tricky and took some getting used to. The site could do with a complete redesign to bring it up to more modern appearances and could include a forum and other interactive elements to make it more of a community. It feels like it's going in that direction but hasn't quite got there yet.

You might think that the $34.95 monthly price is a bit steep, but it's not when you consider how much content and diversity there is at the site. Similarly, there's no need for bonus sites though something extra always helps with sales. A longer-term deal, three, six or twelve months will save you money and give you more time to see everything.

As I said at the top, Wasteland is anything but a wasteland of content; there's masses of the stuff, and it's all 100% fetish. It may not be 100% exclusive, but that's okay, there's enough that's new and original, and enough that's now HD to bring us up to date. It's packed, a bit tricky to navigate and could be more member-interactive, but it's still huge.

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