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ATK Premium

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Up for review today we have ATK Premium. This site is basically filled with horny barely legal teens. The difference is that the treatment is unlike than what most sites do with porn. In this case there are a tremendous amount of lesbians and most of the boy girl sex is slow and very respectful. Be prepared for more romance than being punched between the eyes with hardcore sex.


Natural beauty counts for everything at this site

Monthly Price $29.99
3 Month Price $64.99 $21.66 a month
Credit Card     No Cross Sales

ReviewerATK stands for All Teen Kingdom and to tell the truth they have always been on the top of the porn game. We say on the top because they have always striven to bring forth the highest quality in models as possible. The way that they have worked at doing this is of extreme interest for they have carefully interviewed the hot new amateur models to be sure that they had natural breasts, and have had no other surgical help. Natural beauty counts for everything at this site. One of the things that you will readily agree with is that the young girls so chosen are particularly innocent-looking and because of this they radiate that fresh-faced college mademoiselle vibe that we of the male variety find totally impossible to withstand.

ATK Premium is garnered from all the ATK sites held by ATK such as ATK Galleria, ATK Exotics, ATK Petites, ATK Natural & Hairy, and a plethora of others. That means that what you will see will not be totally exclusive but may have appeared on their other sister sites as it were.

Granted it is not just the type of girls that ATK Premium goes after, but with almost 600 models it is also what they do with the girls. There is never any of that super false glamor stuff that is often found elsewhere. You know the kind with furs and lace that is shown with tons of make up? Instead when ATK Premium boasts that these models are like the girl next door, they are actually speaking of the next door look, and not a fake glamor puss. On the other hand none of their girls appear to be washed up porn models that for all intents and purposes appear to be totally jaded on camera.

So you will be wondering what you will view here? Well for those who seek more romance than in your face fucking, this may well satisfy those urges. For example you will not see some amazingly hard BDSM here with bloody welts. Instead you might very well see some truly sensuous bondage that basically uses BDSM to coax one into true sexual play with one another. Then too you will be privy to a huge amount of play with a large amount of lesbians. One of the very special portions of this site is that the producers have created in-depth bios coupled with great interview scenes with a tremendous amount of their models.

Currently this site is overflowing with streaming downloadable movies, in fact there are 3400 movies and they each run for about 22 minutes in length. They are available in MOV at 4800 bitrate to create 12380X720 results. Also they are available in 5400 bitrate to create 1920X1080 results. Finally there is also WMV at 5000 bitrate to get 1920X1080 results.

Then too there are 7500 picture sets. Each contains about 100 pictures per set. These are all Hi res pictures thus they are indeed truly beautiful. All sets have been Zipped. With almost 600 models you can rely on it having gone very well and you can look forward to seeing many gorgeous women.

Actually given the numbers that are currently available at this site, 1920X1080 results is actually quite respectable. Then in addition the fact that all of the pictures are in Hi res, one must admit that the site has a good bit of quality.

With 7500 picture sets and also with 3400 movies available the quantity certainly cannot be looked down upon. They are of course also constantly updating.

The size of this site alone makes it a pro, as does the infinite care that the makers take in seeking great teen models is yet another pro. And finally there is the tremendous amount of professionalism inserted into the site at all times.

One can never tell which it will be, will there be personal pictures, will there be an interview or what? This creates an imbalance. Older contents is also lower specs.

There are a few different options for membership here with the monthly price being more than reasonable for what you get. They do also have a 2 month option that brings the price down to $25.00 a month, and a 3 month option that comes in at a little over $21.50 With loads on offer these longer term memberships are well worth considering.

This site is a delightful conglomeration of girl next door doing some pretty unspeakable things. For instance no matter how innocent these girls appear to be, they seem to be great at lesbianism, toys, stripteases and of course some highly sexed sex! Then too there are the really wild artistic shots.

100 Pics In Set

Hi-Res Pictures

Zip Files



Average length of 22 Mins

5000KbpsWMV 1920x1080
4800KbpsMOV 1280x720
5400KbpsMP4 1920x1080

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