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Casting Couch X

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Casting Couch X is a delightful site with a bevy of amateur babes who will do anything to get into the porn business! If you treasure fresh faced chicks, this will enable you to meet them one after another with intimate question time followed by naughty sex. This site is hard core all the way, just as you'd expect such a site to be! The girls may be amateurs, but do they ever take direction well.


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ReviewerA good share of what makes this particular site quite exciting is not just the flesh portions, but actually getting to know who the girl is, what makes her tic as it were, so that she becomes much more than just a beautiful body. By the time the verbal interview is over, you will have the yen to see more, spurred on by her responses, the way her eyes looked, or even the way she spoke with her hands. The producers of Casting Couch X know exactly what will turn the viewer on, for they ask pointed questions, and the entire video will take anywhere from 45 minutes to as long as 60 minutes so that you get the full effect with each girl. Thus in this manner by the time she strips then masturbates and finally is laid, you will feel as if you have known her not just as someone you've met, but in the biblical sense as well.
Part of the aura of having been involved in a personal manner with each girl is due to some awesome directorial magic which uses many cameras aimed to take different angles, and these even include some truly excellent POV scenes that are then interwoven through some great film editing to heighten your feeling of having been there. The videos here are all in High Definition which makes the colors truly amazing. One of the outstanding superlatives with this site is the videos high bit rates of 8900k which fill the screen with crisp and clear 1920X1080 results. Downloads are available using WMV as well as MPG formats, or you can watch the episodes through their in-browser Flash player, which is of very high quality using MP4 format.
With regard to their photos, you will find tremendous quality here. Their photos are wonderfully sized at 900x633, and there is absolutely no question that they have been professionally taken, for they radiate extraordinary superiority. With each of the videos, of course one expects to find a photo shoots, each of which averages approximately 250 luscious pictures. And if you wish to download these, they are of course all Zipped for you. Now, if that's not enough, Casting Couch X also provides you with some wonderful 200-some vid caps accompanying the pictures to top it all off for your own topping off, as it were.
Part of a site being exceptional is when one finds that they have date stamped their updates. In addition one looks for full information being available with regard to videos, such as do they list running times and such, as well as having their member ratings of each video, and so finding that they did so also pointed to an excellent site. Likewise one must look at the incredible quality of each of their models. If you yearn for models that are just 18 or over, you will absolutely love the exquisite choices that they have made here.
Another positive about this site is that they did not take the easy way out and have the casting couch only film a girl with a guy. Instead, you may find two girls being assigned to satisfy one guy, and even a small dip in the lesbian pool once or twice. Very rewarding indeed for those watching!
Besides loading us up with very timely updates, the site also offers some of the most gorgeous babes ever. Whoever does the casting before inviting them over certainly has excellent taste as you'll find out very quickly. The babes are absolutely stupendous, highly feminine and many of them seem to be inordinately intelligent as well! All of that makes for a hell of a combo!

Considering that all of their videos are in Hi Definition, and all of their photographs are in High resolution, it would be difficult to denigrate their quality. Add to that the fact that their models are absolutely primo, that they update very often, and you have a site rated with the highest quality possible.

Advertised as being totally exclusive meaning you won't see any of it elsewhere. Once you see the site though, you will realize that it is absolutely exclusive, though there may be other sites with the same modus operandi, there is nothing exactly like it.

High quality as far as the High Definition videos, the High resolution pictures, and best yet the highest quality of their models, make this an easy site to define all of its pros. Everything points to a wonderful site.

It is difficult to find any cons for such a magnificent site. One could say that because there are no bonus sites offered that is a con, or one could complain that the site is still in growth stage, and updates have slowed down a bit.

Casting Couch X has rendered a very special offer to our readers. Instead of paying the full price of $29.95 per month, our readers can receive this great site for only $17.95 per month. Now that's reaping some fine rewards!

There are times when it's difficult to thoroughly recommend a site fully; however, this one has raised absolutely no reservations, and no cautions. Consider the special price being offered to our readers; and join this site immediately as you will not be disappointed in any way at all. It is everything said in this review and then some!

250 Pics In Set

Hi-Res Pictures

Zip Files



Average length of 50 Mins

8900KbpsMPEG 1920x1080
8900KbpsWMV 1920x1080
1600KbpsFLV 960x540

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