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Glossy Angels

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Glossy Angels is up for review today, and this site promises two things. Babes and great quality scenes. Whether or not they fulfill these promises is to be seen but from the tour page it looks promising with cute angels in their birthday suits adorning the page.


The girls are hot, but It's hard to say its worth it.

Monthly Price $26.00
3 Month Price $71.00 $23.67 a month
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ReviewerThough not quite the definitive collection of beautiful nude models as I had hoped, Glossy Angels nevertheless delivers enough of nature's nest gift to mankind. I'm talking about babes, girls, women, ladies so gorgeous it'll make your cock cry milky tears of joy before you've got your hand around it.

Glossy Angels is a no-bullshit way of serving up beautiful female flesh. I have seen perfect breasts, perfect legs, perfect face, perfect pussy, perfect ass and perfect overall, but unfortuately this site doesnt. By the way, Vanessas is pretty enchanting too. Heck, I cannot choose. I am not exaggerating when I say that even with a couple of weeks of going through the galleries at Glossy Angels, I still haven't chosen my favorite Angel. Even if you gave me ten favorites, I'd remain stumped and my soul crushed by the overwhelming burden that is choosing the prettiest, sexiest, yummiest, most adorable and most fuckable of the 60+ models.

I am picky when it comes to photo quality. When I watch a movie, a little blurriness doesn't really matter if the girl is hot and the action is superb, as long as the clip is watchable on full-screen mode. For photos, however, I am quite the expert critic. I like high-res. The higher the better. At Glossy Angels, they offer two high-resolution qualities: 1200x800 pixels and 2240x1680 pixels. Both are superb. I also prefer authentic lighting and natural skin tones over the Photo Shop quality. I'd rather look at scars and pimples than pore over the artificial perfection of a nude photograph. I'm glad Glossy Angels opted for the natural look. The Angels are exposed in their natural skin, in their downy stomachs goose bumpy labias and poreless young skin. Gwen is one fine example of a perfect imperfect chick. She was born to have her pussy eaten for hours by a lover, and when she opens her mouth to take your dick, I can only imagine how heavenly such a sight and experience must be.

Before I get addicted to describing the Angels, let me get to other important things. Glossy Angels is blessed with a simple site that gives you access to all the important links on every page. The top bar menu is the center of the site. There you have the Photos and Movies Section and the Models Gallery and the Live section. The movies are in HDTV WMV format. The quality is okay but not superb. There is one video I like with Gwen in it. It's a startling film with this beauty walking totally nude near a railroad track. It's an exquisite look at her in the flesh and moving and at the part of the globe she calls home. If I have to choose between the photos and the videos, I'd go for the photos hands down. There is something just extraordinary about these HQ stills, and with the models as beautiful as they are, there is nothing more a video clip can add. Then again, how I wish the Live section contains a ticket to the models bedroom via webcam. Unfortunately it's a link to another site.

This site carries some really nice quality videos and picture sets. Each video can be downloaded in 1280x720 and have a nice bit rate of 5000+kpbs. The pictures are high res and nicely sized.

The focus here is on the hot babes and quality scenes. Its not a hardcore site, so scenes involve these sweet women getting naked in softcore solo.

The girls are hot and the videos and picture sets are high quality and all the content found here is exclusive.

This site has not seen any updates in quite some time which is always a major letdown. The fact that the videos can only be downloaded is a big no no in this day and age, and you don't get any bonus sites with your membership either. They could do with a variety of formats for the movies here as well.

With no bonus sites on offer it all comes down to the price, which is $26.00 a month, or if you want to subscribe longer term they offer a 3 month deal for $71.00, which saves you a few dollars.

You cannot find better shot nude photographs than what you will find at Glossy Angels. The models are all superb. Downsides, however, include an infrequent video updates, a lack of zip files for pictures, and the fact that you can't stream the videos is not acceptable to me. For the time being this site is a no from me unfortunately.

55 Pics In Set

Hi-Res Pictures


Average length of 5 Mins

5200KbpsWMV 1280x720

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