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One has but to say Hustler and a certain image comes to mind. First of course are all the naked beautiful ladies, but next come all the adult jokes, stories, and sex articles. For some reason all of the Hustler memories we have are centered around sex. When we were kids many of us purloined a Hustler magazine out of our father's stash and passed it around to the myriad of snickers that were elicited as we turned the pages.


It is always easy to write a review such as this, as it basically contains nothing but good news.

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ReviewerWhat is truly nice about is that they have taken the much read magazine and found a delightful way to put it online for us. That means that you can have previous issues of the fine magazine, beautifully produced Hustler movies, as well as all the photo galleries they have, and you can have all of that right at your fingertips, either at home, or work, or even on your iPod or other such take along arrangements you may have.

With 9409 videos at hand for you to watch at the moment, you will be downright deluged with great sex oriented movies. Most of the movies last about 20 minutes each, and every one of them has passed the highly critical eye of the Hustler producers. It is amazing the high production values that Hustler shows whether for the magazine or for this particular online venture. They were always very professional about everything they made, and this is certainly no exception.

Those 9409 videos can be seen as streamed using their Flash in browser, which renders 1700k, 640X360 results, or even download or stream their WMV formats, to receive 1700k, 1280X720 results. There are even movies available in MP4 format, for 5000k, 1280X720 results. No matter what is done with these movies, you will note that it is all very high quality, and in fact often surpasses what we all think of high quality movies/videos. There are, of course, older videos which naturally have lower bit rates as well as dimensions. Also not all formats are available for each download or stream you wish to accomplish. As expected this are full movies available to you, rather than movie clips. As expected as well, is the fact that there is no DRM here, which is a licensing necessity for some sites.

Currently there are 3006 picture sets, and in each of those sets you will find an approximate 15 pictures. One of the good things about this site is that all the pictures are in Hi Res, and in addition they are all Zipped in order to make downloading as simple and efficacious for you as possible.

In addition to Hustler, when you join this site, they also send you 17 additional great sites as a bonus. These include Barely Legal, Hustler's Lesbians, Beaver Hunt, Hometown Girls, Hustler HD, Anal Hookers, Busty Beauties, Scary Big Dicks, Hottie Moms, Hustler's College Girls, Muchas Latinas, Asian Fever, Bossy MILF's, Hustlaz, Hustler's Taboo, Too Many Trannies, and even Daddy Gets Lucky! One thing is for sure, you will have no lack of porn sites to relish!

In addition to all those bonus sites, you will also receive a large amount of additional videos that come across the site. The Hustler also accomplishes updates very seriously. For instance, you will receive about 10 different DVDs throughout any given month. You will also receive no less than six or as high as 20 photo sets being added to the site each and every month. These folks certainly do not fool around where their customers are concerned!

If all of that still does not entice you to join this site, you may be waiting to hear that they have live feeds, a highly active Hustler community, and there are even games involved that you can play at any time! Hustler is out to make sure you not only like their site, but wish that they would never, ever go away!

They have always created their own content, and thus this stuff in each of their sites is always completely exclusive. The HD versions shown here are simply to die for, but do keep in mind the SD versions too and not slight them.

As you peruse their large content, you may note that the navigation may be better. The reason for this is to narrow down which male or female you would like to spend time with, even though it is only online. I am required to utilize different factors with each site I review I would think that the ones using these sites do the same. One needs to try out everything to know what specifically attracts us. With this site, there will be tons of different niches you may not even have considered.

Their newer HD videos, as well as their Hi Res. pictures all contribute highly to their regard for quality. We also esteem that very highly, thus quality always enters into our grade for any site.

It is absolutely certain that no one can complain about the content, not with 9409 videos, 3006 picture sets, and who knows how many more are awaiting us at this very moment. You will find a great variety of naughty porn subjects covered here with young adult, anal and lesbian just to name a few.

It is truly a shame that not every site utilizes such quality standards as this one does, then we would all never get any work done, correct? Based on that premise, maybe it is best that not all of us are carried away from the enclosed Porn that lurks around your own areas.

Into each site review must fall something that we think could somehow be bettered. In this case, we had a lot of difficulties in finding any cons to go in this section. As is everywhere, the older videos are not as brightly colored, nor bright as are the newer ones.

Pricing will always be the very lowest we can find for any site, as we are very diligent in our search. The captain is always to be obeyed, of course, and public floggings may result. Loads of bonus sites are enclosed.

It is always easy to write a review such as this, as it basically contains nothing but good news. The good news in this instance if that it is summertime, and all the stores will be replete with people shopping. Thus it is, that we are eternally grateful for your online shopping experience to forgo walking into those replete stores for great sites. By shop

15 Pics In Set

Hi-Res Pictures

Zip Files



Average length of 20 Mins

1700KbpsWMV 1280x720
1200KbpsFLV 640x360
6000KbpsMP4 1280x720

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