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Oye Loca

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Oye Loca means "hey there, crazy lady" and since most of this site has been filmed on SW 8th Street in Miami, Florida, one can see why it is called such. It is an attention getter for sure. The site is filled with those very soft and round bodies that Latinas have besides great tanned skin. Then too there are those rounded backsides of theirs, always full and very curved. Oye Loca is definitely one crazy porn site.


Latinas do not necessarily approve of such wickedness

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ReviewerThe ladies here are just downright exotic, as only Latinas can be. You will be, as we were, immediately struck by the authenticity of them. We have no idea if it is that softly tanned skin, the rounded asses, or perhaps it is the way that they move. Watching a Latina walk down the street is like watching one of them dancing the Meringue. Brought to you via the Team Skeet Network, the site has always utilized two males to do the pickups of the Spanish women, namely T-bone and Mikey, and they are still at it. Considering that the site premiered in 2006, this hardcore site is definitely one that covers the sexy gyrations of Latinas regardless of where they were filmed, for occasionally now they leave Miami and go to other Latina sites such as Argentina as well as to Columbia. Of course you will be hearing a tremendous amount of Spanish in this site. If you speak Spanish you will enjoy what is being said for it is often very lighthearted. Authenticity is important with regard to this particular site.

The women are all very hot blooded, of course, thus what you see is loads of regular sex, but also blowjobs, facials, and even anal action, although generally Latinas do not necessarily approve of such wickedness, however they are indeed coming along. It is also important to note that all true Latina memorabilia is going to get utilized. It is referred to as memorabilia because if ever you have gotten laid by a Latina, you will want something to remember her by!

When someone asks what is mostly shown in Oye Loca, the simple answer is that there is a ton of fucking. There are the occasional blowjobs, facials and the anal action that takes place as well. It is not typical that Latinas will do that, as it is really considered incredibly dirty, and also the mere fact that the greater majority of Latinas practice Catholicism as their basic religion. It's bad enough that these Latinas go off with an unknown male to have sex with him, if you get our drift.

The movies at Oye Loca last for about 30 minutes which is certainly a decent length. The FLV has a bit rate of 1600, and the dimensions that will result from it are 1068 x 600. The MP4s have a bit rate of 10000, and its dimensions are going to come out at 1920 x 1080 which is Hi Def, thus you can really look forward to them being at the top of the quality ranking. The WMVs have a bit rate of 2500 and the dimensions are 960 x 540, and there are other WMVs with a bit rate of 3600, and they put out dimensions of 1280 x 729. The point is that not only can you stream the movies as needed but at the highest quality possible.You see when using Flash you will find that there are three distinct quality settings to be utilized.

Naturally, each scene comes with a picture set. Each set contains about 300 pictures. The pictures can all be downloaded easily as they are all Zipped for you. You will be quite happy with the picture dimensions of 1050 x 600. Updates here are unfortunately not regular, or else the site would be even bigger than it already is. When they are updating though, you will find that they do about 1 photoset/video update per week.

Now since this site is put out by Team Skeet Network, you will receive bonus sites for joining Oye Loca. You will get 17 different sites such as Innocent High, Solo Interviews, This Girl Sucks, POV Life, She's New, The Real Workout, Exxxtra Small, Rub A Teen, Lust HD, Step Siblings, Tiitty Attack, Teen Curves, Teens Do Porn, Teeny Black, Her Freshman Year, Self Desire, and finally Teen Pies.

All together membership will give you 22 exclusive sites. That means over 1900 scenes to check out, and

This site provides the highest quality of streaming, and also the movies can be played in huge dimension Hi Def. It is the truly amazing Latinas though that we must call attention to, for they are all beyond high quality.

Content is where we look at the numbers of movies and the numbers of pictures provided. In this case, the number of each of those is more than acceptable, for they are both high. Another large number to be found here is the high number of Latinas that are in the movies and the pictures.

We naturally feel that the Hi Def movies are definitely one of its pros. The other pros are the pictures, for they too are all high quality for sure. The picture dimensions are also a pro, for they run into 1050 x 600. The Latinas who are featured here are also hot. A huge number of bonus sites, all exclusive content and a discounted price are also pros.

The infrequent updates are definitely a con, as is the fat that all the older movies are not Hi Def. They are, in fact, at a much lower quality unfortunately. Further, yet another con is that they have many membership upsells to other sites.

Whereas the regular price here is $29.95 per month, we have managed to lower the cost to a meager $14.87 per month, which is a hefty saving on their usual price. In addition, you will receive a lot of exclusive bonus sites, 21 of them in actuality!

If you have an eye out for Latinas, you absolutely must come to this site, for it is totally replete with Latina women. In addition, they are true Latinas. One can easily tell, since they have that great tanned skin, a fantastic rear end, and best of all their incredibly soft and very round tits. In one word they are utterly awesome.

300 Pics In Set

Hi-Res Pictures

Zip Files



Average length of 30 Mins

2500KbpsWMV 960x540
3600KbpsWMV 1280x720
1600KbpsFLV 1068x600
10000KbpsMP4 1920x1080

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