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Perfect Gonzo

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In effect Perfect Gonzo is actually a string of sites. Joining will get you not one, but a whole network of high quality porn sites. Interestingly enough each site they have is hard core with just about every sexual variation being featured. With anal scenes, as well as blow jobs, and even some awesome ass to mouth, the sites seem to cover it all! Both the videos and the pictures are presented in the highest quality.


mouthfuls of spermy man-seed

3 Day Trial $2.95 recurs $29.95/month
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3 Month Price $69.95 $23.32 a month
6 Month Price$99.95 $16.66 a month
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ReviewerThere are times when we believe that gonzo ought to be defined as strange and perhaps whimsical. Other times we believe that it really should be defined as downright weird. Then other sites tell us that it is supposed to mean a certain videographing style. At this point having examined this accumulation of sites carefully, we are of the opinion that Perfect Gonzo actually is a conglomeration of all three definitions.

The sites called Perfect Gonzo are all hardcore sites for sure, and they are filled with beautiful women playing with themselves using all manner of toys, as well as their hands. In many of the sites a man enters and the action continues with some truly incredible sex. There are some astonishing anal scenes, some of them showing ass to mouth, and even some dildos in ass then to mouth. There is a plethora of ass fucking. Some blowjobs are shown that end with mouthfuls of spermy man-seed being either swallowed or utilized as a body massage ointment.

The videography is very obviously different with many shots being shown that would ordinarily be deemed as simply too close for most sites to accept. That part is also what makes it more perfect gonzo.

Unlike many other gonzo styles shown on other sites, the girls here are pretty normal. They are not strange enough to be starring in some sort of sideshow, much as P.T. Barnum once held to get people, well men actually, to come to the sideshows. The women shown here are absolutely lovely.

With 2025 current movies available here, there are a plethora of ways to view the movies. First there are MP4s that utilize 12000 Kbps that deliver 1920X1080 dimensions, or other MP4s with a 5000 bitrate for 1280X720 dimensions. A third MP4 uses a 2500 bitrate, and delivers dimensions of 720X540. Yet a fourth uses 1000 Kbps for 480X270 dimensions. Then there is a fifth that uses a 3500 bitrate and delivers dimensions of 960X540. Currently there are 817+ incredibly lovely models too. These movies last approximately 30 minutes.

The movies are also accompanied by picture sets, and each contains about 100 pictures per set. It stands to reason that all picture files come to you already Zipped.

If you don't want to pay full price for membership to this great network our friends over at Discounted Porn have a great PerfectGonzo deal that will save you cash. Feel free to head over and check it out if you decide you want to join this naughty network.

With Hi def delivery of their videos giving us 1920X1080 dimensions, one could not ask for better quality. Then too with their pictures coming up in 5616 x 3744 sizes, once more they prove that they can deliver high quality. The women appearing at Perfect Gonzo are also primo, with sexy European babes your sure to fall in love with.

Their numbers are definitely impressive. What with 1619 movies available, and the same amount of picture compilations available too, one cannot help being totally enthralled. The numbers cover tons of high-quality, incredibly hot and totally raunchy porn subjects.

There are a ton of pros located here. The numbers, of course, but the fact that they deliver what they say they will deliver is definitely a great pro. In addition one must mention the high quality always found here as well. Advanced search capabilities are here too!

Understandably, the older videos are not in Hi def, however with such a high quality delivery, one almost expects them to redo their older videos so that everything is in Hi def. Unfortunately some of their sites are not updating the way that they used to either.

Pricing for Perfect Gonzo is very reasonable when you consider the quality of the product and the fact that all the content is exclusive and shot in house. The bonus sites that you will see with this Perfect Gonzo is quite large, as you will see at least 10 exclusive bonus sites included with your membership.

If one understands what the gonzo style is about, then this site is a seamless example with the highest quality of videos as well as pictures, done in such a way that still brings the rawness and grit that always is shown in any gonzo site. When you come to this site, undoubtedly you will agree that one cannot possibly overlook their dedication to quality.

100 Pics In Set

Hi-Res Pictures

Screen Captures

Zip Files



Average length of 30 Mins

12000KbpsMP4 1920x1080
5000KbpsMP4 1280x720
2500KbpsMP4 720x540
1000KbpsMP4 480x270
3500KbpsMP4 960x540

The Sites Listed here are sites that the company also has produced. In most cases, when you sign up to one of their sites you get access to their entire network. Check above to see if this company allows Multi-Access in the SITE DETAIL section of the review.