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Public Invasion

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Today we are going to be reviewing Public Invasion. This is a site that features exceedingly hot European girls who allow themselves to get picked up while located in a public location in order to have sex with an unfamiliar person. Part of what makes this so hot is that the sex takes place in such locales as ocean side, on bridges and overpasses, and also in lovely forests all within view of cars, trucks and trains.


it takes guts to do this

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ReviewerIf ever you have thought that it would be fun and very sexy to fuck in public, or even get a blow job in public perhaps under a bridge, or maybe on a bridge while the public was about 50 to 100 feet away, then you have the gist of this hardcore site and what you will see on it. Chances are that the girls who are involved here have been seduced either by the sexy male who will perform with them, or they have been seduced by cash. For example the male who has been instrumental in this site is a Czech whose accent makes it difficult to understand at times, but on the other hand the women seem to really like his style and even his accent.

If ever you have decided to not invade the public side of life because you fear being arrested or the like, you will definitely love the way that they manage to do it here in Public Invasion. For instance, the girl might flash the camera with cops located right behind her. Yes, it takes guts to do this, but here is what it does for the person looking at the site; it excites them to no end. The biggest reason why you will be excited is that the choices for the models have been extraordinary. Often trucks, cars and even trains go by as the couple are fucking or he is getting a blow job. Granted, one often wonders why there are no car crashes happening as people drive by actual sex happening with a totally nude woman right by the highway.

At the moment there are 208 movies on the site. Each of those movies lasts for about 30 minutes and usually there is the seduction portion that takes up some of the time. When the girls are offered money, for example, they often need to be talked into taking it. Because the producers of this site are BangBros, you will find that quality is not bad at all here. For instance, one may stream or download the movies at will. Both MP4s as well as the FLV downloads will allow you to achieve playing dimensions of 1280 x 720, both of which are of course Hi Def. The FLV allows bit rates of 1800 and the MP4s have a bitrate of 3000. Also you might wish to utilize WMV with a bitrate of 1550 and dimensions of 852 x 480. If you decide to use streaming to see the movies, you will find that there is a very large Flash player which has only a 0-3 second buffer, thus the response is almost immediate. There are also 3 quality options available.

There are likewise 208 picture sets and each set has about 320 pictures. The picture dimensions are usually about 2000 x 1330, although occasionally the sizes vary.

Everything you will encounter here is exclusive, meaning that you will not ever be seeing it elsewhere. Now for the really good news. Because this particular site is part of the Big Ass Pass network of sites held by BangBros, you will receive a nice amount of bonus sites simply for joining Public Invasion. Thus you will receive Dancing Bear, Haze Her, Busty Adventures, and also Big Ass Adventure. Now for the bad news, it seems that this site has not updated since August, 2013. With this in mind, we are negotiating to get our readers a huge discount for joining this site.

Because this site has come under the control of BangBros, we believe that high quality is assured, and sure enough the videos shown here are in Hi Def. Keep in mind too that the movies can be shown in three distinct quality options. The picture quality is also quite high with the pictures being quite good sized.

The existing numbers of videos and pictures that can be found on this site are actually quite acceptable and even considered high as compared to some sites. However due to the fact that the site owners are no longer updating this particular site, the quantity will definitely not rise. Thus there are bonus sites being offered, as well as a special price. .

One of the pros here is that the movies can be shown in 3 different quality options, and also that the moves can also be shown in Hi Def. Another pro is that the site is a hardcore site, meaning that because of the public scenes, the site does not cheat and avoid showing true hardcore. All content here is exclusive, and there is a great Flash player.

The biggest con is of course the fact that the site is no longer updating. Otherwise, the Hi Def that is offered could be changed to becoming better quality Hi Def.

Finally we have been successful in getting the price reduced for this site. Monthly pricing is now being discounted to $14.95 per month, which all would agree is a very deep discount. In addition, you get some very interesting bonus sites attached to this offer.

Stripping or public sex where the everyday public can see it is chancy, and this certainly does tempt fate. The sex act is often done within feet of where they can be observed. The content is quite exciting because of it though. This site is no longer updating, thus the price for the site has been highly reduced and there are good bonus sites offered.

320 Pics In Set

Hi-Res Pictures

Zip Files



Average length of 30 Mins

1550KbpsWMV 852x480
1800KbpsFLV 1280x720
3000KbpsMP4 1280x720

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