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Satin Silk Fun

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Today we are going to review a fetish site known as Satin Silk Fun. This site is built for those of you who have a real sexual fetish for silk and satin and you will find British babes rolling on shinny silk sheets or two girls playfully caressing each others slippery nighties before engaging in softcore lesbian play. Its certainly not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but it really caters to those with a kink for silk and satin.


Slippery Satin softcore fun.

Monthly Price $26.73
3 Month Price $70.65 $23.55 a month
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ReviewerSatin/silk is definitely a fetish that's several notches more luxurious than, say, hosiery and stockings. And it's not just down to the price tag, but also to how it feels against bare skin and its reputation for lulling even the most rabid insomniac into sleep with its sheets and pillowcases. Satin and Silk Fun promises more than just restful slumber and glamor, however. Archived in the members' area are around 70 high-res photo galleries that a Victoria's Secret catalogue would turn crimson with envy over. Holding an average of 60 pictures per set, the site thoughtfully provided ZIP files for batch downloading. From corporate blouses to lace-trimmed lingerie to oversized jammies to sexy robes and through to elegant evening gowns, one can almost feel the crackling splendor when the models move and pose in these choice silken garbs.

Satin and Silk Fun is without a doubt a growing site with hundreds of videos and picture sets, and more than regular updates. I viewed a clip showing a pretty brunette model named Nelsa start out with caressing her body under a peacock-blue, lace-trimmed satin nightie. She then raises the skirt to reveal a royal blue silk G-string that follows the contour of her shapely ass perfectly. Nelsa can't seem to take her hands off the silky material and spends the next 3 minutes running them all over her bod. Not once in the clip did she remove any of her clothes, but the expression on her face alone should tell viewers how much she enjoys that exquisite staticky feel, as compared to if she takes everything off and masturbate like a maniac.

On the other end of the spectrum are episodes of satin/silk destruction. One model in purple pajamas wields a sharp pair of scissors and after a series of poses, proceeds to wreak havoc on her pajama bottom. The latter photos show her posing in just the pajama top and a pair of pink silk undies, grinning at her handiwork. There are also picture sets where bare nakedness happens, as with one involving a pair of grappling, silk-clad models who wrestle on the floor and end up tearing each others' clothes off.

And how about that one where two models burn satin for the heck of it? They both keep the silk dresses they have on while setting fire to what looks to be someone's lilac satin robe. I suppose satin is easier to burn han wool, but that overall feel like you just tossed thousands of dollars away for somebody's idea of fun pervades. That's a true fetish for you, I guess.

The quality here was actually surprisingly good, and although it is not on the cutting edge of technology it is pretty good overall.

These girls slip and slide around on satin sheets, or in satin nighties or underwear in solo scenes or girl on girl. The content is far from hardcore and will not be to appealing to those of you who don't have a true sexual fetish for these materials.

This site covers a very specific niche and does it very well. The British girls who take part show off the silk and satin in what for lovers of this fetish will find very sexy scenes and picture sets.

The fact that the content caters to a narrow niche means that only true fans of this sort of material are going to enjoy this site. Navigation is a little on the simple side here too, with not many ways to sort the content.

Pricing of this site is about right for the amount of content you get. The 3 month option for membership will save you a nice amount of money when compared to the monthly option.

Satin and Silk Fun is big on satin and silk, but the models' idea of fun might be a bit ambiguous for some. What is highly apparent in this unique offering is how the ladies enjoy touching the smooth, shiny fabric and doing all manner of things to it like it's an expensive toy.

60 Pics In Set

Hi-Res Pictures

Zip Files



Average length of 5 Mins

1650KbpsMPEG 352x288
500KbpsMPEG 320x240
3000KbpsWMV 960x540

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