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The Venus Girls

Last updated on by Luke Preston

There are some horny, older Milfs out there who know that when it comes to a good cock workout and sex session, mommy knows best. And those ladies are here and known as The Venus Girls. What you are looking at here is a set of movies where the older, experienced moms are in charge; they force guys into sex, milk them, make them swallow cock and cum, whip and spank them and show them who's the boss.


Older Milfs put guys in their place in femdom movies

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ReviewerA quick look at the recent updates on the home page will show you the kind of hot fun you can expect from this site: Moms giving tit wanks, giving blow jobs while wearing fetish gear, grabbing cocks through glory holes, spanking men, teasing them, milking them, whipping their sorry asses. It's all about femdom here but usually the fems doing the dominating are older women, Milfs and cougars which gives the content a nice extra twist. There's also some toe sucking, nylons, costume play and dildo fun to be seen, so it's a mixed fetish bag at times, but always with older ladies, in their 30s, 40s and 50s I would say.

There were 293 movies when I was in the site and they are set out on index pages with large sample shots so they are easy to find. They are shown with their title, upload dates and model name and that name is linked to an entry in the model index. Updates appear to be weekly. Each viewing page for each video has all that scene's content on it, and that includes the stream, the download and the screen caps. Streams were in Flash, and there's a help button if you have any trouble with the player. The player screen was 844 x 512 in size and the resolution of the stream was set at a mid-range level which means it didn't take long to buffer or play and I had a no-interruption streaming experience.

Downloads were available in one or two file types per scenes, and these did vary. I saw WMV and MP4 and DivX files, all full scene options and in some large files, over 2 Gbs at times, though the MP4 one tended to be easier to handle, around 200 Mbs, depending on the length of the movies, and movies run for between 10 and 25 minutes here. There are HD movies available as well, though you don't always know which are which. I found resolutions up to 1,920 x 1,080 @ 4,000 kbps but was not told, before I downloaded, if this was to be a HD movie. The minimum quality you should find would be DVD resolution as these movies come from a set of DVDs which you can also access in their entirety.

The DVDs are found in their own area and there were 105 of these. They had titles such as 'Wicked Step Sister', 'Bossy Boss' and 'Mommy Knows Best.' The movies all come from Venus Girls Film so are exclusive to the company, or exclusively made by them, though the DVDs may be on sale in stores so the scenes you see may not be exclusive to the site.

There are sets of screen caps with videos that come with slideshows, and where images are at 1,200 x 675, though these specs can vary as some of the content here dates back to 2011, so might be of a smaller resolution. You're able to comment on content, rate it, add things to a favourites area and use linked tag words, so the site has some interactive options, and there's the model index to browse, with 96 models, and a category page for easy searching. If I had any issues with the site it would be the adverts that pop up on your way in and then appear around the edges of your pages, other than that though, it's a good collection of original Mom-dom movies.

These are DVD released quality movies with decent resolutions and the more recent ones are now in HD. The older ones may not have the same specs. The up-close and visual quality is good, studio standard and the models all perform well. Images are screen caps which can vary in quality but are mainly fine.

There were 293 femdom movies to see here with older Milfs as the main stars; the movies come from Venus Girls Film and a new scene is added each week. Full DVDs are available too and there are no restrictions. Scenes run for between 10 and 25 minutes and files are full scene downloads.

It looks like you get a full collection of Venus Girl films here with full DVDs and their individual scenes. The quality is fine and the niche is specific with domination from older bossy broads. The site is easy to use, there are some nice interactive options and a bonus site to check out.

Watch out for the adverts on the way in to the members' area and those around the main pages, they can get in the way a bit. There were no digital galleries, that I could find, and no zip files for the screen caps. There are three bonus sites listed as in the network, but you have to sign up for two of these.

The monthly membership price matches up with the amount of content and updates so that's all good. I found I could enter one of the listed network sites with my access (but I also had review access there) so watch out for that.

It's good to see a Femdom site that's also a bossy Milf site and that gives you DVD quality, studio release videos in the form of scenes and full DVDs. The Venus Girls are not to be messed with that's for sure, so if you like your women to be in charge and showing no mercy, there's a lot of that to see here if you're man enough.

150 Pics In Set

Screen Captures



Average length of 20 Mins

1500KbpsWMV 480 x 630
1000KbpsFLV 640 x 480
1000KbpsMP4 720 x 548
4000KbpsMP4 1920 x 1080

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