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We Like to Suck

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We Like To Suck is rather self-explanatory, however just in case you don't get it, it's all about girls who love to give blowjobs, and in fact love it so much that they have been chosen especially to be in this site due to their proclivity at blowing cock. As a member of We Like To Suck you can loof forward to seeing some great looking girls giving deep throat cock sucking, getting facials and cum swallowing.


well documented with cock blowing

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ReviewerThis hardcore site is filled to the max with gorgeous girls all of whom simply love to suck off large cocks. It stands to reason that if one views a site that specializes in sucking cock, that it would be well documented with cock blowing. As a matter of fact there are 440 models involved in over 900 scenes, resulting in 887 videos, for 286 hours, 51 minutes and 2 seconds of watching. There are also 24771 pictures involved there. Thus, let's face it, it is a very prolific site all involving blowjobs.

One of the things that we especially loved about the site is the divergence of the models. You see the greater majority of them are all European, and thus have a certain look about them that most of the United State's models do not have, though we would be hard pressed to describe it. In checking out the models we found that many of them come from the Czech Republic and the greater majority of them have certainly learned how to give a very hot blowjob. You see, they end up giving their guys a POV blowjob which means that their eyes are trained on the male, and in fact they train their eye to look up at the male in such a way that they make a connection with him that undoubtedly cannot be driven off the cock sucking lady in question.

As she gives him the blowjob, she will reach behind him and play with his asshole, perhaps daring to even introduce her finger up inside him. Granted she will have made it doubly more exciting to him to be blowing him all along as she put her finger up his asshole. Prior to that, usually she will have teased his cock with her tongue, making it all soft at first and then harder as his own cock grows harder. We are telling you, they are incredible at giving blowjobs, as you will attest when you look at the site.

At this moment, you will find 165 movies at the site. These will last about 20 minutes each in length, which is just long enough for you to be able to take care of yourself as you watch. These are full movies which are definitely at the highest quality. In fact you will find that their MP4s have a 5000 bitrate, and will produce movies that are 1920 x 1080. Their WMVs also have a bitrate of 5000Kbps, and they produce movies that show at 1440 x 1080. The FLVs have 1500 Kbps bitrate and will produce movies with dimensions of 920 x 516 width and height. Note that even though the majority of this site deals with blowjobs, we did say that it is a hardcore site. The reason for this is that not only are there tons of great blowjobs to be found here, but occasionally they do include some fucking here too.

In addition to all of the movies which are streamable as well as downloadable, you will also find that there are 165 picture sets. Each of those sets are going to contain about 65 pictures per set. These are all hi res pictures, and in addition they come as Zipped files to make downloading much easier.

This site is made available to us through the Puffy Network. Now granted this is a rather tiny network, as networks go, however they have a decent amount of content, although there are only three sites in the network. All of their sites have a great Eastern European flavor to them as this one does. However, the other sites are not dependent on blowjobs at all, but rather instead their niches center around puffy or stretching of pussy, and around pissing instead. Thus, we feel that the Puffy network is definitely going to be appreciated not just for We Like To Suck, but also for its sister sites, namely Wet And Pissy, and also Wet And Puffy which you will also receive when you join We Like To Suck. The sites are all high quality with Hi Def movies, and the quality stays high no matter what you watch. All of their scenes are date stamped with their update details and we love that there is an ongoing track record of growth that goes back years. We loved the quality video running time and their well-written scene descriptions as well.

With their Hi Def industry best quality of 1920 x 1080 results, we must claim that they have brought us the highest quality possible. Their MP4s are absolutely amazing and their picture sets could not be better with their hi res pictures.

The content absolutely could not be better since they have scored tons of great movies which are being constantly added to and always being done in the highest quality possible. Top grades for this as well.

When a site always adds to its contents, keeping up the highest pros possible, we rate their pros as high as possible. In addition we keep them there which we have done with this site as well as its other sites.

We have found that updates tend to be a bit slow. Also we feel as if this site is average sized. The video file sizes could be shown along with the running times that are shown.

We always do our best to introduce the best pricing possible, however this time we have maxed ourselves out as far as the bonus is concerned. You see you will receive two additional sites over and above getting We Like To Suck. So, you are receiving Wet And Pissy, and also Wet And Puffy along with We Like To Suck.

We Like To Suck creates all of its videos in Hi Def and we love the fact that they utilize their Euro babes in all of their shoots. Thus, they have created an excellent site in their blowjob genre as well as their other sites. Their bonus sites in their Puffy Network are good things to consider as well since members do receive those as well.

65 Pics In Set

Hi-Res Pictures

Zip Files



Average length of 20 Mins

5000KbpsWMV 1440x1080
1500KbpsFLV 920x516
5000KbpsMP4 1920x1080

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