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Wet And Pissy

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Up for review we have Wet And Pissy. This site certainly paints a picture in one's mind, and it is the correct picture too, for this site is all about gorgeous females who play around with their piss or another girl's piss. Considered to be the "it" site for pissing, you will see beautiful women crouching in piss mode and letting go a stream of pee. All exclusive high quality content and bonus sites make this one worth checking out.


considered the bible for watersport aficionados

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ReviewerIn Wet And Pissy, don't get the idea that all you will see here is pissing either, for the girls also play with themselves with toys and the like. Granted, most of what you will see here is stunning females who absolutely love to be pissed upon, handle piss or just do anything with piss in order to receive a sexual thrill. So as to what you'll see here, there are a lot of pussy wash-downs with piss, super wet panties, pee squirting, pee wet toys, and naturally any sexual act which may somehow involve piss. The love of pee sometimes does not involve a need to be pissed on, yet many love the sexual thrill of the knowledge that they are being seen by others all while peeing. All of this is summed up by calling it watersports in order to give a name to these desires.

Because Wet And Pissy is created in Europe, their beautiful models are in effect almost entirely downright striking European models. We found it interesting that the greater majority were lesbians, as this made all the action even more exciting such as when they peed into each others mouths.

Then too we found it interesting that they love what they call degustation which usually refers to tasting of fine wine, but in this case they fill cups with pee, and then have the degustation of the pee. Apparently each girl's pee tastes different to another given the reactions of the drinkers, and the way they speak of its quality.

Just as other niches have specialty sites that apply to them, this particular site certainly fulfills the needs of those who are into watersports. Everything is treated so well here, that it has become the "bible" of those who are into this particular scene. Those who are into the genre are always saying that this special site has everything here for those who pursue this because they find such satisfaction here.

With 173 full movies here waiting for you, chances are you too will sing the praises of this site. These movies play for about 15 exciting minutes, and the quality is quite high as evidenced by the fact that their MP4s have a bitrate of 8000 and will give you the movies in the awesome sizes of 1920 x 1080. The WMVs have a bitrate of 4600 and yield dimensions of 1280 x 720. The FLVs have a bitrate of 1500 and dimensions of 960 x 540. Thus, if you are into piss, you will love that the movies can be watched in Hi Def of course.

The 173 movies are accompanied by 173 picture sets. Each of those contains an average of about 65 pictures per set. These are all hi res pictures and not screen caps, thus are extremely beautiful. Plus, you will find that they are all available in Zipped files for your convenience.

This particular site has been created by the folks in the Puffy Network, but because their sites have a good amount of content their three sites are still filled with excitement. The biggest reason for this is due to their having that Eastern European flavor, and how divergent their sites are. For instance one of the other sites you will receive as a bonus for joining Wet And Pissy is called We Like To Suck, and of course it is a mainstay of blowjobs. The final site you will receive is called Wet And Puffy. This site is all about what pussy lips look like when the female is feeling exceedingly sexually excited. All three of these sites are of course all very high quality with Hi Def movies, as well as hi res pictures, and all have running times posted for them and also they all have exceedingly well written scene descriptions in each site.

In addition, you will find that they provide us with a great model directory. It is filled to the brim with Czech, Croatian, German, Swedish and French models who have provided to these peeing fetish movies which contribute to the professionalism of the site. Further, must say that we were wowed with the editing and camerawork in all of their sites. No wonder they are the definitive sites for their genre.

When all is said and done, we must say that everywhere we turned, we found high quality. From the Hi Def movies, to the model directory and finally to their hi res picture sets, the highest quality can be found there. Needless to say that we found the highest quality everywhere we turned.

The site is not exactly choking with content, but on the other hand it is certainly full enough to satisfy anyone. Also, they keep updating as they should, thus the numbers continue to grow in an appropriate manner.

The grade for this site will always be quite high as far as its pros. We have mentioned its Hi Def movies, hi res pics, and also included high marks for their fabulous direction as well as editing. Their models also highly deserve mention as part of their brilliant pros.

The quality format available for this site although it is Hi Def, is not the highest format possible for the movies. Also the older video specs are certainly much lower than those being offered today.

There are unfortunately no special offerings currently presented for membership to Wet And Pissy, however you may wish to consider the longer term selections to save some monthly costs. On the other hand, because of the two sites being offered as bonus sites, you will be doing quite well.

We have found this site is so well done in fulfilling the desires of those interested in this niche that it is considered the bible for watersport aficionados. The quality of everything in the site comes through whether we look to models, photography, and direction or the technical side of the site with regard to Hi Def movies and hi res pictures.

65 Pics In Set

Hi-Res Pictures

Zip Files



Average length of 15 Mins

4600KbpsWMV 1280x720
1500KbpsFLV 960x540
8000KbpsMP4 1920x1080

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