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Sadistic Rope

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Sadistic Rope…I wonder what that's about? Yeah, right! Yep, it's all about BDSM rope work that will astound you with it's quality, naughtiness, and horny sluts who can be made to orgasm in subspace so often that they even lose the verbal expertise to make anything but pitiable sounds. And all of this created by a Master extraordinaire by the name of John Paul A.K.A. "The Pope" as you will see!


Sadistic Rope is high quality BDSM rope play at it's finest.

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ReviewerThe kings of BDSM, namely KInk, have decided to let John Paul have his own site where he is in total control of which sexy women he tortures, how he tortures them, and of course when and how they may orgasm! Yes, he's a Dom of all trades for sure!
Those who ask rather brazenly, what they will see on this site that they can't see on the other two, will stand to be thoroughly amazed at how well it all takes place. Those who have been lucky enough to see John Paul doing his "thing" on other submissive masochists in real time across the country were always amazed to watch his prowess with such items as cattle prods, paddles, canes, floggers, cat 'o nine tails, clamps, hot wax and a plethora of other torture instruments which he uses to create exquisite torture on said ladies, until finally he tops it all off with extreme orgasms that are begged for prior to being granted. Is there more, you ask? Well, yes of course, for there is completely brutal bondage, bastinado, hard long fucking, crotch ropes, endless spanking, zippers, and yes once more additional flogging and whipping prior to the afore mentioned intense orgasms, and at times even during the orgasms.
There is still more BDSM stuff such as genitorture, fingering those hot females, verbal domination, crops, canes, dildos, ball gags, humiliation, incredible suspension, rope harnesses, and vibrators. When does it stop for these lovely females? When he says so, and agrees to use that Hitachi vibrator to make them cum, and oh do they ever cum! Explosive cums, and cums that carry on and on, accompanied with squirting and exploding like Mount Vesuvius! Incredible cums, unlike you've ever seen before, for he plays them like a virtuoso on a violin! There truly is an art to being a great Dom, as you will see!
At the moment, this inconceivable site only has 21 astonishing Hi Def. video shoots, and basically they run for roughly about 55 minutes each. An in-browser Flash allows you to stream their movies at 960X540, and if you wish you may download them with their fabulous MP4 formatting at greater than 5000k bit rates, which would yield you fabulously large 1280X720 videos.
Along with the video shoots you also get a nice photo set. You'll find it irresistible that each is rather full, showing about 18 Hi Res. pictures in each shoot. You'll be in love with the very high quality of those especially if you save them to your hard disc, which is quite easy as they are totally Zipped for your downloading ease. You will appreciate, as we did, that the images are available for two different sizes, either 1280p or 1600p sizing when you download them!
This site, like all the sites, is completely exclusive, meaning there is no way to ever see these amazing videos on any other sites but Sadistic Rope. In addition there is a very lovely model index that they've really made it fun to utilize, as not only does it bring you personal information about the model but you will also see every other fabulous video and photo shoots that girl has done for! In addition, you will appreciate that there are rather lengthy video descriptions available, and you will receive a new video, along with a brand new photo shoot each and every week too.

What with Hi Def. videos as well as Hi Def. pictures available at this site, it would be an iniquity to say that the quality here is absolutely not top notch. In addition, they have chosen models who are beautiful, as well as cum beautifully. Add John Paul to the quality, with his perfected Dominant technique, and everything here is quality.

The content of this site is still relatively small due to it's young age, but they have been working so diligently at it, adding a minimum of 5 new full length scene and picture set each and every month that it is not doubtful that soon it will be resplendent with some large ultra-fine content.

Just about everything except the amount of videos and pictures currently here is a pro. Listing it would be redundant thus you should rely on the entire review to note the pros.

Once more we must say that the site is still relatively small, and the price is a bit steep, but as they say you have to pay for quality. Not all the models have a tremendous amount of information on them either.

The monthly price is pretty expensive at $44.95, but it is great quality BDSM. They offer some nice multiple month options that bring the cost down quickly. For example the 3 month plan will set you back $26.65/month, and for the biggest saving they offer a yearly membership for $16.00 a month. Members get a great live shoot each month as a bonus.

These guys certainly know their stuff when it comes to BDSM, with what I think are the best sites out there for lovers of this niche, and this site is no exception. Although the collection is not huge, regular updates are quickly resolving this problem, and for this reason I recommend the 3 month option when joining to bring the price down.

18 Pics In Set

Hi-Res Pictures

Zip Files



Average length of 55 Mins

0KbpsFLV 960x540
5000KbpsMP4 1280x720

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