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Ultimate Surrender

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Do you remember hearing about a chick fight back when you were younger? Well, that's what Ultimate Surrender is all about, chicks wrestling with each other! Remember how everyone yelled "Pussy Fight" at the top of their lungs, causing all to rush to see it, and cheer for whoever they wished to win the fight? There's nothing like a chick fight, is there?


Hot naked girls in naughty nude wrestling matches, yum!

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ReviewerIf you like live wrestling, imagine if it were only nude or semi-nude girls doing so, and instead of giving them gifts for winning, such as solid gold belts, what they win as a substitute is the right to do whatever they desire to the loser. Further imagine that there is a large audience either cheering or booing one contestant or another. It's all in fun, and boy is it ever sexy to watch. You won't believe some of the moves they put on one another!
Then too you know what tag teams are like in professional wrestling, well sometimes there are four lovely ladies involved in their dual tag teams, and the more the merrier. The ending is the same though, for the winning tag team gets to do what they wish to the losers. Of course the real winners are those watching as they get up close to the saphic rewards. It's really a lesbian free for all at that point!
We have to confess that we all loved how this site describes itself, for no writer could possibly do better than recounting what goes on here as a "female competitive sexual wrestling site." It really gets sexual even during the wrestling, for you can imagine what goes on when some girl has her pussy that close to another competitor's mouth.
We also loved that the wrestling rules are all posted where we could get to them, namely in their INFO/STATS area. In there too are the statistics of all the wrestlers, which certainly makes for interesting reading. Clicking on a wrestler's picture presents you with more stats than you could ever imagine, including the personal information on her, but also Wins, Losses, Style Points, Shame Points, Toughness Points, as well as her Power Rating. They take this rather seriously as you can now see.
Because of the various stats, and the way that the bouts are staged, you will find even more realism here than you do in professional wrestling and besides it's so sexy! Imagine how these ladies grapple with each other so that the little tiny bikinis are torn off each other all the time, thus they are always totally nude when it all ends. Generally the ending is a very rough fucking of the loser with a strap-on, but the choice of implements goes to the winner, but it's always pretty damn harsh, for the winning is hard won!
At the moment there are 671 shoots for you to view. Their Hi Def. videos are absolutely great, as they should be as this site is produced by Kink, who have a reputation for quality porn. The matches last for about 45 minutes in each video, and you will like the way that Kink has arranged for you to see them. For instance streaming with their in browser Flash will produce lovely 1280x720 results which by the way are resizable, and it comes in three different options depending on the power behind your Internet connection. You will get the same sized results from downloads of their WMV or their MP4s. Each of these has two quality settings, by the way. Their video downloads have absolutely no DRM, so download at will. Granted the older videos will not have the same specs, since the site has been online since 2004.
Those 671 video shoots also have the same amount of photo shoots available, and in each one you will find approximately 210 pictures. These are all high quality Hi Res pictures that you are sure to appreciate. They are all Zipped to facilitate downloads. You'll love that most of their photos are professionally taken and will come out to a delightful 1200x800 display.
This particular site will show that they always update with at least one new video and photo shoot per week, but many weeks it happens that there are two videos and two photo shoots. Everything is dated, so you can see for yourself. All videos and pictures are completely exclusive, and will never be seen elsewhere. You will love their forum here, as the members have taken their loyalty to the particular fighters to the nth degree, and many comments will take place after each bout.

Quality at Ultimate Surrender is excellent with Hi Def. videos, and Hi Res. pictures. The information and statistics available on each wrestler is full and very informative, as are the posted rules of the fights. Because it's filmed in front of an audience, there are boos and cheers coming from each side as it were, adding to the fun of the bouts.

With all the years this site has been around, you can bet that the content is very full, and it is really interesting to follow some of the fighters year after year and see if their wrestling improves. So, there's loads of content here for you.

With any Kink produced site one always has a shitload of pros, and Ultimate Surrender is no exception. Hi Def. videos, Hi Res. pictures, fantastic choices of very sexy "fighters," excellent organization of the fights, plus the fact that there is so much information available on these girls. Everything about this site is high quality.

Unfortunately there is no gratis network access offered with Ultimate Surrender. Because they have been around for years, the older videos are of course not in Hi Definition, even though they are still high in quality.

I have been in touch with the team at Kink and secured a discounted porn membership for you at $29.99 down from $49.99

You do not necessarily have to be a wrestling addict to love Ultimate Surrender, but if the thought of beautiful girls wrestling each other to the bare skin in order to win the prize of being able to fuck the loser is interesting to you, then you will love this very special niche that Kink prevails over!

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