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The Upper Floor

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Fantasy, or is it real life, Only you can make up your own mind when you see The Upper Floor, which is purported to be a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle location. Similarly based on BDSM in The Marketplace and The Story of O, both of which are praised and weighty BDSM literature. Actually being the top floor of the infamous sinister Armory what goes on in there is its revelation.


A BDSM site filled with real time BDSM practitioners.

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ReviewerA short history lesson is needed to understand what The Upper Floor represents besides being one of the most sought after sites that Kink owns. Created by the ingenious mind of one man, it is the actual real time site of an ominous looking building named The Armory. Within its very timeworn walls can be found the studios of Kink who put out so many of the well-recognized BDSM and BDSM related Internet sites. However, what is located on the top floor, is an entire alternate lifestyle community that we are invited to share, perhaps in real time if we wish to physically visit it, or by utilizing the computer site aptly named The Upper Floor.
As in real time, a complete society has been formed there whose goal is for the demystification of BDSM and various related lifestyles. Everything done there is totally consensual, no matter what we see, and no matter what we think, those who are named "slaves" or act as the Masters and Dominants of The Upper Floor have each consented to all that takes place.
Thus the whippings, the suspensions, the punishments, and yes all of the sex are also consensual. It may not "look" consensual, some of it may appear to be forced, but in reality it is not, nor will it ever be. And so, those who find an attraction to BDSM thoroughly enjoy this particular site which reflects the lifestyle as well as it does.
What will you see here, is almost better answered by asking what won't you see here? First is the total commitment to giving the Dominants total pleasure, be it in bringing them a drink with overall grace, to giving up all of the rights of their bodies to be used for the Dominant's pleasure in whipping it, or fucking it. Always the slaves are as stoic as possible, and they seem to always remember all of the training they have gone through to be in the upper floor. Just look at how they carry themselves, and you'll see it, perhaps in the way their hands are incessantly kept behind their backs down to the way they perform oral sex. You'll get to see all that and so much more!
As a site, Kink has done a splendid job in putting it together. Their Hi Def. videos, which at the moment are at a count of 347 available right now, you will find that you'll be thrilled with the response you get when you utilize their in browser Flash to stream the movies for the great results of 1280x720, which are the same results that can be gotten by downloading with either their WMV or MP4 formats. One of the extras found on this site, though is the fact that when streaming the videos, they are actually resizable. Videos last about 60 minutes on average.
Each of the videos are also accompanied by photo shoots that give you about 100 gorgeous Hi Res. pictures in each. These are of course all Zipped for you too.
Everything the site puts out is totally exclusive, and this site updates with one or two updates per week inclusive of the photo shoots. Everything here is dated which is great, and there's no download limit, and the site even has live shows, a fantastic forum, and there is a store there also. As wondrous as all their female slaves are, we were thrilled to find that there is a model index to be had. Just click on any model's name and see her stats, when her live BDSM chats will be held, and in addition see a thumbnail of everything she or he has been involved in for Kink.

You will have absolutely nothing to complain about regarding the quality of this site. That's because all the videos are in Hi Def. and all the pictures are in Hi res. In addition the models are simply gorgeous, though personal taste will vary of course.

The site is large enough that you will be happy with the content numbers. It is evident that they put out many updates which are always dated.

So many pros here, it's difficult to itemize them all. Starting from their numbers, down to their choices for models, and then speaking of their overall high quality, they then have utilized The Armory in such a way as to have it be filled with real time BDSM practitioners which is great for the viewers. Live shows for members is also a great feature.

The fact that they offer absolutely no network bonus sites is a bit disappointing. The fact that you can't save your favorites is a minor con, and it would be nice to see them add this simple feature for their members. Single month membership to this site is a bit on the high side too.

A single months membership here is priced a little on the high side at $39.99 a month, but when you consider the regular updates, high quality content and free live shows for members it is not over the top. For value you could always consider the other options for extended memberships here, that can bring the monthly cost down substantially.

If you want to know what real time slavery/mastery feels like, this will definitely open your eyes. For those who have thought about a 24/7 Dominant/slave lifestyle, or just curious, this site will answer many of your questions. It is all presented in a very factual manner, and most importantly, everything it portrays is totally and completely consensual.

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