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The Training Of O

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This site is called the training of O, as a take-off on the famous book called "The Story of O" by Pauline Reage, where O was transported for BDSM training by her owner to a Chateau where they trained her in all things that a slave girl should know and adhere too. Thus they too take girls and simply train them here in BDSM using psychology and pain.


This site is maybe the most talked about site in BDSM.

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ReviewerAs said, this site is produced by the masters of BDSM at Kink, for the training of "sex slave" girls. In order to do that, they handpick the girls looking for some who have had some experience with BDSM, but who want or need to have their training brought forward in order to be proud of their achievements, or to please their Masters. Mr. Mogul is one of their leading men, who has been around since the site began, and when not referred to as Mr. Mogul, he is called the Trainer. His specialty if ever there was one is to delve deeply into each girl's mind, much as a psychologist would, but he does it to expose what the girl is afraid of or to expose what her weaknesses are. He then takes advantage of those in order to help basically break her, in order to teach her and train her toward whatever the goal was as a sex slave.
Now, Mr. Mogul is an all-out sadist when he has a solid masochist around, thus his training can be rather unpleasant to put it mildly, but again it depends on the girl in question. A good example of his being inordinately lenient is when he trained a blonde porn star by the name of Riley Evans. Now Riley is the exact type of person who completely fits the description when someone mentions a dumb blonde. Whether or not she was putting her "dumbness" on is of no matter, what matters is the incredible amount of patience he showed with her, and how softly and gently he disciplined her. Those of the reviewers who were used to seeing Mr. Mogul haul off and really hurt a girl could not suppress guffaws, but a good time was had by all.
On the other hand, both Mr. Mogul and all of the guest trainers have made the slaves go through hell sometimes, and if you are quite the sadist, you can attest to the fact that welts of that magnitude cannot possible rise up almost immediately after the strike of a cane for example if it was faked. There are times when some of the girls evince black and blues from whatever was done to her yesterday or the day before yesterday, for training takes all of four entire days, and the slaves sleep in a slave area which the trainers can enter at will. This makes it very interesting to follow a girl's progress through training, and see if she forgets some rules she was taught to obey on the previous day, for example. It's all very ingenious.
The hardcore site itself, run by, is very technologically advanced, what with 349 current shoots here, that run for about 60 minutes either in Flash format for streaming, or can be downloaded in WMV or MP4 formats for 1280X720 results and everything has been in HD format now for a good while. You can choose full video scenes or clips as you desire.
The video shoots are accompanied by a photo shoot which generally have about 250 pictures in each. These are not vid caps as some sites try to pass off as pictures, but these are Hi res. pictures taken with an honest to goodness camera and it definitely shows in the quality. The pictures are all Zipped for you, and The Training of O does not have download limit, nor any license restrictions, called DRM.
The site itself does have a model index, but it's not specifically only for this site, but instead covers every model who has been in Kink, thus it's rather intensive, and will remind you of all the videos each model has done with a very nice thumbnail picture of each. What is particular to The Training of O is that it is completely exclusive, meaning what's in this site, remains in this site, and thus won't be seen elsewhere.
Also, you'll be interested in knowing that they do updates on a very regular basis, comprising of one or two videos and accompanying picture sets per week. The updates are all labeled with the date they went in for verification purposes. In addition, the site has live shows, a forum as well as a store, and some previous live shows have been archived for you. The Training of O hit the Web back in summertime of 2007 and was very well received by those interested in BDSM, but it has since grown tremendously in interest by the viewing public, and it's no wonder.

The site has tried very hard to maintain a high quality porn product since their inception, and today all their new videos are in HD. Pictures are also all in Hi res. As with any site that this company is involved in you will not be disappointed in either the quality of the delivery, or the care taken in producing great BDSM content.

With the number of great videos and picture sets The Training of O has, we need hardly mention that content is right up there in both quality and quantity. Everything here is also exclusive, so you won't find it elsewhere.

Choices of female models, and male trainers has always been fabulous. Those who have learned about BDSM as a lifestyle choice using this site often have learned by watching content from this site, such as where not to strike a model, and all about safe words and the fact that they need to always be honored regardless of how they wish to be treated sexually.

It stands to reason that in a site that has been around this long, the older videos are bound to have lower specs, and they do which is a bit of a drawback from what is otherwise an awesome site.

You have varied options for membership to The Training of O. A monthly membership is reasonable at $29.95, but for the best value you should take a look at the longer term membership choices that can save you loads of money in the long run. With a huge amount of content on offer these are certainly the way to go.

This site is maybe the most talked about site in BDSM meetings or when BDSM enthusiasts get together, for it is exciting, follows the precepts of Safe, Sane and Consensual play, and they also use "safe words" which are so important for the safety of those who are into this lifestyle for real. We recommend it highly to anyone even mildly interested in BDSM.

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